eZClusterEventListener Interface to be implemented by any cluster event listener
eZClusterEventLogger Interface for eZClusterEvent loggers.
eZClusterEventNotifier Interface that must be implemented by cluster backends supporting events notification.
eZClusterFileHandlerInterface Cluster file handlers interface
eZDFSFileHandlerDFSBackendFactoryInterface Makes a DFSBackend handler instantiable using the build static method.
eZDFSFileHandlerDFSBackendInterface Interface for a DFS FS handler, that offers CRUD support for binary files.
ezpAsynchronousPublisherOutput This interface is used as the basis for the ezpasynchronouspublisher.php daemon
ezpAsynchronousPublishingFilterInterface Base interface for eZ Asynchronous Publishing filter classes
ezpAttributeOperatorFormatterInterface File containing interface definition for the 'attribute' template operator output formatter
ezpAutoloadOutput Interface for classes providing output for autoload generation.
ezpContentCriteriaInterface This interface is the base one when it comes to implementing content query criteria
ezpContentPublishingQueueReaderInterface This interface describes an asynchronous publishing queue reader Queue readers are meant to provide the asynchronous publishing system with the next item to be published
ezpDatabaseBasedClusterFileHandler This interface describes a database based cluster file handler
ezpKernelHandler Interface for kernel handlers
ezpLanguageSwitcherCapable Interface for classes providing language switcher functionality.
ezpMobileDeviceDetectFilterInterface File containing the ezpMobileDeviceDetectFilterInterface interface
ezpMultivariateTestHandlerInterface File containing the ezpMultivariateTestInterface interface.
ezpRestAuthenticationStyleInterface File containing the ezpRestAuthenticationStyleInterface interface.
ezpRestPreRoutingFilterInterface File containing the ezpRestPreRoutingFilterInterface interface
ezpRestProviderInterface File containing the ezpRestProviderInterface interface.
ezpRestRequestFilterInterface File containing the ezpRestRequestFilterInterface interface
ezpRestResponseFilterInterface File containing the ezpRestResponseFilterInterface interface
ezpRestResultFilterInterface File containing the ezpRestResultFilterInterface interface
ezpRestViewControllerInterface File containing ezpRestViewControllerInterface
ezpSearchEngine This interface is used as the basis for the different search engine implementation
ezpStaticCache This interface is used as the basis for the different StaticCache engine implementation
ezpWebBasedKernelHandler Interface for web-based kernel handlers