eZ Publish Community Project (Legacy Stack) 2013.4


class ezpExtensionOptions extends ezcBaseOptions

Class containing options for eZExtension, this option system is only used by eZExtension::getHandlerClass so far.


string $iniFile string$iniFileContains the ini file to read the handler settings from.
string $iniSection string$iniSectionContains the ini [section] where the handler settings are defined. Default : 'HandlerSettings'
string $iniVariable string$iniVariableContains the variable name of the ini setting to read handler name from (it can be array or string). Default : 'HandlerClassName'
string $handlerIndex string$handlerIndexSets this if you need to pick a certain index in the ini setting (given that it is an array). Default : null
string $callMethod string$callMethodName of function to call on the object to see if handler is valid. Default : null
array $handlerParams array$handlerParamsThe list of parameters to pass to the handler Default : null
string $aliasSection string$aliasSectionDefault : null
string $aliasVariable string$aliasVariableDefault : null
string $aliasOptionalIndex string$aliasOptionalIndexDefault : null


__construct(array $options = array())

__set($name, $value)


at line 59
public __construct(array $options = array())


array $options

at line 74
public __set($name, $value)