eZ Publish Community Project (Legacy Stack) 2013.4


class ezpAutoloadGeneratorOptions extends ezcBaseOptions

Class containing options for eZAutoloadGenerator


string $basePath string$basePathContains the base path from which to root the search, and from which to create relative paths
bool $searchKernelFiles bool$searchKernelFilesControl whether to search the kernel classes
bool $searchKernelOverride bool$searchKernelOverrideControl whether to search for kernel overrides in extensions.
bool $searchExtensionFiles bool$searchExtensionFilesControl whether to search for classes in extensions
bool $searchTestFiles bool$searchTestFilesControl whether to search for classes in the test system
bool $writeFiles bool$writeFilesControls whether the the resulting autoload arrays are written to disc.
string $outputDir string$outputDirIs the directory into which the autoload arrays should be written, defaults to 'autoload'
array $excludeDirs array$excludeDirsArrays of which paths should not be included in the search for PHP classes.
bool $displayProgress bool$displayProgressControl whether incremental progress output should be shown on the CLI.


__construct(array $options = array())

__set($name, $value)


at line 56
public __construct(array $options = array())


array $options

at line 71
public __set($name, $value)