eZPublish(LegacyStack)  5.1
eZSimpleShopAccountHandler Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 accountInformation ($order)
 accountName ($order)
 email ($order)
 eZSimpleShopAccountHandler ()
 fetchAccountInformation (&$module)
 verifyAccountInformation ()

Member Function Documentation

eZSimpleShopAccountHandler::accountInformation (   $order)
the account information for the given order
eZSimpleShopAccountHandler::accountName (   $order)
custom name for the given order
eZSimpleShopAccountHandler::email (   $order)
custom email for the given order
eZSimpleShopAccountHandler::eZSimpleShopAccountHandler ( )
eZSimpleShopAccountHandler::fetchAccountInformation ( $module)

Redirectes to the user registration page.

eZSimpleShopAccountHandler::verifyAccountInformation ( )

Will verify that the user has supplied the correct user information. Returns true if we have all the information needed about the user.

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