eZPublish(LegacyStack)  5.1
eZModuleParamsOperator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 eZModuleParamsOperator ()
 modify ($tpl, $operatorName, $operatorParameters, $rootNamespace, $currentNamespace, &$operatorValue, $namedParameters, $placement)
 namedParameterList ()
 namedParameterPerOperator ()
 operatorList ()

Member Function Documentation

eZModuleParamsOperator::eZModuleParamsOperator ( )

Constructor, does nothing by default.

eZModuleParamsOperator::modify (   $tpl,

Executes the PHP function for the operator cleanup and modifies $operatorValue.

eZModuleParamsOperator::namedParameterList ( )
eZModuleParamsOperator::namedParameterPerOperator ( )
true to tell the template engine that the parameter list exists per operator type, this is needed for operator classes that have multiple operators.
eZModuleParamsOperator::operatorList ( )
an array with the template operator name.

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