eZPublish(LegacyStack)  5.1
about.php File Reference


 Autoloader definition for eZ Publish Kernel files.


 getContributors ($pathToDir)
 getExtensionsInfo ()
 getThirdPartySoftware ($pathToFile)
 strReplaceByArray ($searches=array(), $subjects=array())


 $contributors = getContributors( EZ_ABOUT_CONTRIBUTORS_DIR )
 $extensions = getExtensionsInfo()
 $ezinfo = eZPublishSDK::version( true )
 $Result = array()
 $Result ['content'] = $tpl->fetch( "design:ezinfo/about.tpl" )
 $Result ['path']
 $thirdPartySoftware = getThirdPartySoftware( EZ_ABOUT_THIRDPARTY_SOFTWARE_FILE )
 $tpl = eZTemplate::factory()
const EZ_ABOUT_CONTRIBUTORS_DIR 'var/storage/contributors'
const EZ_ABOUT_THIRDPARTY_SOFTWARE_FILE 'var/storage/third_party_software.php'

Function Documentation

getContributors (   $pathToDir)

Returns list of contributors; Searches all php files in $pathToDir and tries to fetch contributor's info

getExtensionsInfo ( )

Returns active extentions info in run-time

getThirdPartySoftware (   $pathToFile)

Returns third-party software from $pathToFile

strReplaceByArray (   $searches = array(),
  $subjects = array() 

Replaces all occurrences (in $subjects) of the search string (keys of $searches ) with the replacement string (values of $searches)

Returns array with replacements

Variable Documentation

Referenced by getContributors().

$extensions = getExtensionsInfo()
Initial value:
'This copy of eZ Publish is distributed under the terms and conditions of
the eZ Trial and Test License Agreement (eZTTL). Briefly summarized, the
eZTTL allows you to run a limited number of eZ Publish site access or
instances for internal testing purposes only. You may modify the
software solely for your internal testing. Since the license is free of
charge, you are obliged to submit such modifications to
contribution@ez.no as contributions. For the complete legal terms and
conditions of your eZTTL license, see the file named LICENSE in the root
directory of this eZ Publish distribution.
$Result = array()
$Result['content'] = $tpl->fetch( "design:ezinfo/about.tpl" )
Initial value:
= array( array( 'url' => false,
'text' => ezpI18n::tr( 'kernel/ezinfo', 'Info' ) ),
array( 'url' => false,
'text' => ezpI18n::tr( 'kernel/ezinfo', 'About' ) ) )
static tr($context, $source, $comment=null, $arguments=null)
Translates the source $source with context $context and optional comment $comment and returns the tra...
Definition: ezpi18n.php:86
Initial value:
= 'eZ Publish is a professional PHP application framework with advanced
CMS (content management system) functionality. As a CMS its most notable
featureis its revolutionary, fully customizable and extendable content
model. Thisis also what makes eZ Publish suitable as a platform for
general PHP development,allowing you to rapidly create professional
web-based applications.
Standard CMS functionality (such as news publishing, e-commerce and
forums) are already implemented and ready to use. Standalone libraries
can be used for cross-platform database-independent browser-neutral
PHP projects. Because eZ Publish is a web-based application, it can
be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection.'
const EZ_ABOUT_CONTRIBUTORS_DIR 'var/storage/contributors'
const EZ_ABOUT_THIRDPARTY_SOFTWARE_FILE 'var/storage/third_party_software.php'