eZPublish  4.7
bin/php/ezcache.php File Reference


 Autoloader definition for eZ Publish Kernel files.


 checkPaths ($cacheEntries, $purge)
if($options['list-tags']) if($options['list-ids']) clearItems ($cacheEntries, $cli, $name)
 purgeItems ($cacheEntries, $cli, $name)
if(!function_exists( 'readline'))
reportProgress ($filename, $count)


 $cacheList = eZCache::fetchList()
 $cli = eZCLI::instance()
if($options['clear-all']) if($options['clear-tag']) $idName = false
if($options['purge']) $noAction = true
if($options['expiry']) $purge = false
if($options['iteration-max']) $purgeExpiry = false
if($options['iteration-sleep']) $purgeMax = false
 $purgeSleep = false
 $sys = eZSys::instance()

Function Documentation

checkPaths (   $cacheEntries,

Referenced by clearItems(), and purgeItems().

if ($options['list-tags']) if ($options['list-ids']) clearItems (   $cacheEntries,
purgeItems (   $cacheEntries,
if (!function_exists( 'readline')) if (!function_exists( 'getUserInput')) reportProgress (   $filename,

Variable Documentation

$cli = eZCLI::instance()
if ($options['clear-all']) if ($options['clear-tag']) $idName = false
if ($options['purge']) $noAction = true
Initial value:
= $script->getOptions( "[clear-tag:][clear-id:][clear-all]" . "[iteration-sleep:][iteration-max:][expiry:][list-tags][list-ids][purge]",
array( 'clear-tag' => 'Clears all caches related to a given tag',
'clear-id' => 'Clears all caches related to a given id, separate multiple ids with a comma',
'clear-all' => 'Clears all caches',
'purge' => 'Enforces purging of cache items which ensures that specified entries are physically removed (Useful for saving diskspace). Used together with the clear-* options.',
'iteration-sleep' => 'Amount of seconds to sleep between each iteration when performing a purge operation, can be a float.',
'iteration-max' => 'Amount of items to remove in each iteration when performing a purge operation.',
'expiry' => 'Date or relative time which specifies when cache items are to be considered expired, e.g \'now\', \'-2 days\' or \'last monday\'',
'list-tags' => 'Lists all available tags',
'list-ids' => 'Lists all available ids' ) )
Definition: adddefaultstates.php:22
if ($options['expiry']) $purge = false

Referenced by checkPaths(), and eZCache\clearItem().

if ($options['iteration-max']) $purgeExpiry = false

Referenced by purgeItems().

if ($options['iteration-sleep']) $purgeMax = false

Referenced by purgeItems().

$purgeSleep = false

Referenced by purgeItems().

Initial value:
= eZScript::instance( array( 'description' => ( "eZ Publish Cache Handler\n" .
"Allows for easy clearing of Cache files\n" .
"\n" .
"./bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-tag=content" ),
'use-session' => false,
'use-modules' => false,
'use-extensions' => true ) )
static instance($settings=array())
Returns a shared instance of the eZScript class.
Definition: ezscript.php:1040
$sys = eZSys::instance()