eZPublish  4.5
Todo List
Member _die ($value)
test if using socket does work
Member changeDBCharsetORACLE ($charset, $collation)

oracle servers might use UTF8 charset instead of AL32UTF8: check before executing!

using dbname as file name does not work with easy conection naming

log somewhere results of imp, exp commands for better understanding of errors

add a database logfile switch or checkpoint here? it would be nice...

Member checkDBExtraConditionsORACLE ()

We should really check for exp_full, imp_full, (sysdba) privileges rather than DBA role...

add check for RAC - do not try anything in such a case

Member eZClusterFileHandler::removeGeneratingFile ($file)
Clustering: apply the eZClusterFileHandlerInterface to all cluster handlers
Member eZClusterFileHandlerInterface::processCache ($retrieveCallback, $generateCallback=null, $ttl=null, $expiry=null, $extraData=null)
Reformat the doc so that it's readable
Member eZContentObjectAttribute::cloneContentObjectAttribute ($newVersionNumber, $currentVersionNumber, $contentObjectID=false, $newLanguageCode=false)
Deprecate this in favor of a real __clone
Member eZDBFileHandler::$_metaData
refactor to a magic property:
  • when the property is requested, we check if it's null.
  • if it is, we load the metadata from the database and cache them
  • if it is not, we return the metaData
  • then we add a reinitMetaData() method that resets the property to null by erasing the cache
Member eZDBFileHandler::fetchExpiredBinaryItems ($limit=array(0, 100))
handle output using $cli or something
Member eZDBFileHandlerMysqliBackend::_connect ()

check when parent does use $newLink param

what if port is null, '' ??? to be tested

Member eZDBFileHandlerMysqliBackend::_die ($msg, $sql=null)
to be fixed: will this generate a warning?
Member eZDBSchemaInterface::fetchTableData ($tableInfo, $offset=false, $limit=false)
scan only once for fields of type char, not once per row
Member eZDFSFileHandler::cleanPath ($path)
-ceZDFSFileHandler write unit test
Member eZDFSFileHandler::fileDelete ($path, $fnamePart=false)
-ceZDFSFileHandler write unit test
Member eZDFSFileHandler::fileDeleteByDirList ($dirList, $commonPath, $commonSuffix)
-ceZDFSFileHandler write unit test
Member eZDFSFileHandler::fileDeleteByRegex ($dir, $fileRegex)
-ceZDFSFileHandler write unit test
Member eZDFSFileHandler::fileDeleteByWildcard ($wildcard)
-ceZDFSFileHandler write unit test
Member eZDFSFileHandler::processCache ($retrieveCallback, $generateCallback=null, $ttl=null, $expiry=null, $extraData=null)
Reformat the doc so that it's readable
Member eZDFSFileHandlerDFSBackend::delete ($filePath)
Improve error handling using exceptions
Member eZDFSFileHandlerDFSBackend::getContents ($filePath)
Handle errors using exceptions
Member eZDFSFileHandlerMySQLBackend::_purgeByLike ($like, $onlyExpired=false, $limit=50, $expiry=false, $fname=false)
This method should also remove the files from disk
Member eZDFSFileHandlerMySQLiBackend::_connect ()
what if port is null, '' ??? to be tested
Member eZDFSFileHandlerMySQLiBackend::_die ($msg, $sql=null)
to be fixed: will this generate a warning?
Member eZDFSFileHandlerMySQLiBackend::_purgeByLike ($like, $onlyExpired=false, $limit=50, $expiry=false, $fname=false)
This method should also remove the files from disk
Member eZFS2FileHandler::startCacheGeneration ()
add timeout handling...
Member eZFSFileHandler::startCacheGeneration ()
add timeout handling...
Member eZImageFile::fetchImageAttributesByFilepath ($filepath, $contentObjectAttributeID)
Rewrite ! A where data_text LIKE 'xxx' is a resource hog !
Member eZModule::redirectModule ($module, $viewName, $parameters=array(), $unorderedParameters=null, $userParameters=false, $anchor=false)
Deprecate; have redirect() check if $module is an eZModule or a string
Member eZModuleOperationInfo::objectForClass ($className)
Use a static variable instead of globals
Member ezpContentPublishingProcess::reset ()
Monitor the reset operation, using some kind of counter. The process must NOT get high priority, as it might block a slot if it fails constantly Maybe use a STATUS_RESET status, that gives lower priority to the item
Member ezpRestAtomDecorator::decorateFeedItem (ezcFeedEntryElement $item, $data)
Add list of required metadata to add
Member ezpRestClient::isAuthorizedByUser ($scope, $user=null)
Handle non-authorization using
Member ezpRestFeedDecorator::decorateFeedItem (ezcFeedEntryElement $item, $data)
Add list of required metadata to add
Member ezpRestTokenManager::generateToken ($scope)
See if this should maybe return a token object with token + expiry
Member eZScriptClusterPurge::__set ($propertyName, $propertyValue)
Add type & value check
Member eZScriptClusterPurge::run ()
Endless loop on fetch list. The expired items are returned over and over again
Class eZURLAliasQuery
The hasAttribute, attribute and setAttribute functions can be turned into properties for PHP 5.
Member eZURLWildcard::matchReplaceCode ($wildcard)

fix the example

Try to replace the eval'd code with a preg_replace expression

Member eZURLWildcard::translateWithCache ($wildcardNum, &$uri, &$wildcardInfo, $matchRegexp)
make private, this method isn't used anywhere else
Member eZUser::removeSessionData ($userID)
should use eZSession api (needs to be created) so callbacks (like preference / basket..) is cleared as well.
Class eZWebDAVContentBackend

Replace direct path manipulation with path factory from ezcWebdav

Fix appendLogEntry to write in only one log file

Fix using [0] for content object attributes (could be another index in some classes)

Add lock/unlock calls in setProperty and removeProperty

Use PathPrefix, PathPrefixExclude (site.ini) and StartNode (webdav.ini) in all functions where necessary

Remove all todos.

Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::currentSiteFromPath ($path)
remove or move in another class?
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::fetchNodeInfo ($target, &$node)

remove/replace .ini calls, eZContentUpload, eZMimeType, eZSys RequestURI

handle articles as files

Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::fileBasename ($name)
remove or replace
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::getContentNodeData ($result, $currentSite, $virtualFolder, $target, $fullPath)
remove/replace eZContentUpload
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::internalNodePath ($virtualFolder, $collection)
remove or replace
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::putContentData ($currentSite, $virtualFolder, $target, $tempFile)
remove/replace eZContentUpload
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::setCurrentSite ($site)
remove or move in another class?
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::splitFirstPathElement ($path, &$element)
remove or replace
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::splitLastPathElement ($path, &$element)
remove or replace
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::storeUploadedFile ($target, $contents)
remove or replace with eZ Components functionality
Member eZWebDAVContentBackend::tempDirectory ()
remove or replace with eZ Components functionality
Member eZWebDAVContentBackendAuth::splitFirstPathElement ($path, &$element)
remove or replace
Class eZWebDAVServer
Add support for propall and propname