eZPublish  4.5
ezwebincommon.php File Reference


 checkDir ($dirName)
 checkSiteaccess ($siteAccess, $bailOutOnError=false)
 createTranslationSiteAccesses ($params)
 defaultVendor ()
 downloadPackages ($packageList, $packageURL, $packageDir, $packageRepository)
 getExtraActions ($actionList)
 getUserInput ($prompt)
 handlePackageError ($error)
 installPackages ($packageList, $params=array())
 installScriptDir ($packageRepository, $packageName)
 languageMatrixDefinition ()
 postInstallAdminSiteaccessINIUpdate ($params)
 postInstallUserSiteaccessINIUpdate ($params)
 repositoryByVendor ($vendor)
 resetINI ($settingsGroups, $iniToReset)
 showError ($message, $addEOL=true, $bailOut=true)
 showMessage ($message, $addEOL=true)
 showMessage2 ($message, $addEOL=true)
 showNotice ($message, $addEOL=true)
 showPackageActions ($actionList)
 showWarning ($message, $addEOL=true)
 siteAccessMap ($siteAccessNameArray)
 templateLookObjectData ($params)
 updateINIAccessType ($accessType, $params)


global $cli
global $script

Function Documentation

checkDir (   $dirName)

Check if dir $dirName exists. If not, ask user to create it.

Referenced by downloadPackages().

checkSiteaccess (   $siteAccess,
  $bailOutOnError = false 

Referenced by siteAccessMap().

createTranslationSiteAccesses (   $params)
defaultVendor ( )
downloadPackages (   $packageList,

download packages if neede.

  1. check if packages specified in $packageList exist in $packageRepository(means already downloaded and imported). if yes - ask user to do download or not. If not - go out
  2. check $packgesList exists in $packageDir(means packages downloaded but not imported) if yes - ask user to import or not. If not - go out
  3. download and import.
getExtraActions (   $actionList)

add extra actions to default package item's actions

Referenced by handlePackageError().

getUserInput (   $prompt)
handlePackageError (   $error)

handle installation error:

  • show error message;
  • ask user what to do next;

Referenced by installPackages().

installPackages (   $packageList,
  $params = array() 

install packages

installScriptDir (   $packageRepository,
languageMatrixDefinition ( )

Referenced by templateLookObjectData().

postInstallAdminSiteaccessINIUpdate (   $params)
postInstallUserSiteaccessINIUpdate (   $params)
repositoryByVendor (   $vendor)
resetINI (   $settingsGroups,
showError (   $message,
  $addEOL = true,
  $bailOut = true 


showMessage (   $message,
  $addEOL = true 
showMessage2 (   $message,
  $addEOL = true 
showNotice (   $message,
  $addEOL = true 
showPackageActions (   $actionList)

Show available actions to user

Referenced by handlePackageError().

showWarning (   $message,
  $addEOL = true 
siteAccessMap (   $siteAccessNameArray)

Referenced by updateINI_1_2_0().

templateLookObjectData (   $params)
updateINIAccessType (   $accessType,

Variable Documentation

global $cli

define global vars

global $script

define constans

Referenced by getExtraActions(), and installPackages().


Referenced by getExtraActions(), and installPackages().