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ezpRestOauthAuthenticationStyle Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 authenticate (ezcAuthentication $auth, ezcMvcRequest $request)
 Method to be run inside the runRequestFilters hook inside MvcTools. More...
 processLoginRequired (ezcMvcResult $res, $reasons, $errorMap=null)
 Method extracted from MvcAuthenticationTiein. More...
 setup (ezcMvcRequest $request)
 Setting up the state to allow for later authentcation checks. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezpRestAuthenticationStyle
 __construct ()
 getUser ()
 setUser (eZUser $user)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezpRestAuthenticationStyleInterface
 getUser ()
 Returns valid eZPublish user that has been authenticated by self::authenticate(). More...
 setUser (eZUser $user)
 Registers the user that has been authenticated. More...

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Detailed Description

File containing ezpRestOauthAuthenticationStyle.

Member Function Documentation

ezpRestOauthAuthenticationStyle::authenticate ( ezcAuthentication  $auth,
ezcMvcRequest  $request 

Method to be run inside the runRequestFilters hook inside MvcTools.

This method should take care of seting up proper redirections to MvcTools


Implements ezpRestAuthenticationStyleInterface.

ezpRestOauthAuthenticationStyle::processLoginRequired ( ezcMvcResult  $res,
  $errorMap = null 

Method extracted from MvcAuthenticationTiein.

Checks the status from the authentication run and adds the reasons as variable to the $result.

This method uses the information that is set by the runAuthRequiredFilter() filter to generate an user-readable text of the found $reasons and sets these as the variable ezcAuth_reasons in the $result. You can supply your own mapping from status codes to messages, but a default is provided. Please refer to the Authentication tutorial for information about status codes.

ezpRestOauthAuthenticationStyle::setup ( ezcMvcRequest  $request)

Setting up the state to allow for later authentcation checks.


Implements ezpRestAuthenticationStyleInterface.

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