eZPublish  4.5
eZXMLSchema Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 addAvailableClass ($tagName, $class)
 addCustomAttribute ($element, $attrName)
 attrDefaultValue ($tagName, $attrName)
 attrDefaultValues ($tagName)
 attributes ($element)
 availableElements ()
 check ($parent, $child)
 childrenRequired ($element)
 customAttributes ($element)
 exists ($element)
 eZXMLSchema ()
 getClassesList ($tagName)
 hasAttributes ($element)
 isInline ($element)

Static Public Member Functions

static instance ()
 Returns a shared instance of the eZXMLSchema class. More...

Public Attributes


Member Function Documentation

eZXMLSchema::addAvailableClass (   $tagName,
eZXMLSchema::addCustomAttribute (   $element,
eZXMLSchema::attrDefaultValue (   $tagName,
eZXMLSchema::attrDefaultValues (   $tagName)
eZXMLSchema::attributes (   $element)
eZXMLSchema::availableElements ( )
eZXMLSchema::check (   $parent,

Checks if one element is allowed to be a child of another

$parentparent element: DOMNode or string
$childchild element: DOMNode or string
true if elements match schema
false if elements don't match schema
null in case of errors
eZXMLSchema::childrenRequired (   $element)
eZXMLSchema::customAttributes (   $element)
eZXMLSchema::exists (   $element)
eZXMLSchema::eZXMLSchema ( )

Referenced by instance().

eZXMLSchema::getClassesList (   $tagName)
eZXMLSchema::hasAttributes (   $element)
static eZXMLSchema::instance ( )
eZXMLSchema::isInline (   $element)

Referenced by check().

Member Data Documentation


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