eZPublish  4.5
eZTextInputParser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 eZTextInputParser ()
 parseText ($text)

Public Attributes

 $BreakTags = array()
 The tags that break the paragraph. More...
 $InlineTags = array( "emphasize", "strong" )
 The tags that don't break the text. More...
 $TagStack = array()
 Contains the tags found. More...
const CHUNK_TAG = 2
const CHUNK_TEXT = 1

Member Function Documentation

eZTextInputParser::eZTextInputParser ( )
eZTextInputParser::parseText (   $text)

Will parse the input text and create an array of the input. False will be returned if the parsing

Member Data Documentation

eZTextInputParser::$BreakTags = array()

The tags that break the paragraph.

eZTextInputParser::$InlineTags = array( "emphasize", "strong" )

The tags that don't break the text.

eZTextInputParser::$TagStack = array()

Contains the tags found.

const eZTextInputParser::CHUNK_TAG = 2

Referenced by parseText().

const eZTextInputParser::CHUNK_TEXT = 1

Referenced by parseText().

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