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eZTemplateTypeOperator Class Reference

Operators for checking variable type. More...

Public Member Functions

 checkType ($typeFunction, $tpl, &$value, $operatorParameters, $rootNamespace, $currentNamespace, $placement)
 eZTemplateTypeOperator ($isArrayName="is_array", $isBooleanName="is_boolean", $isIntegerName="is_integer", $isFloatName="is_float", $isNumericName="is_numeric", $isStringName="is_string", $isObjectName="is_object", $isClassName="is_class", $isNullName="is_null", $isSetName="is_set", $isUnsetName="is_unset", $getTypeName="get_type", $getClassName="get_class")
 isTransform ($operatorName, &$node, $tpl, &$resourceData, $element, $lastElement, $elementList, $elementTree, &$parameters)
 modify ($tpl, $operatorName, $operatorParameters, $rootNamespace, $currentNamespace, &$value, $namedParameters, $placement)
 namedParameterList ()
 namedParameterPerOperator ()
 operatorList ()
 operatorTemplateHints ()

Public Attributes

 The "less than" name. More...
 The array of operators. More...

Detailed Description

Operators for checking variable type.

Usage: $var|is_array or is_array( $var ) $var|is_boolean or is_boolean( $var ) $var|is_integer or is_integer( $var ) $var|is_float or is_float( $var ) $var|is_numeric or is_numeric( $var ) $var|is_string or is_string( $var ) $var|is_object or is_object( $var ) $var|is_class('my_class') or is_class( 'my_class', $var ) $var|is_null or is_null( $var ) is_set( $var ) is_unset( $var ) $var|get_type or get_type( $var ) $var|get_class or get_class( $var )

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateTypeOperator::checkType (   $typeFunction,

Referenced by modify().

eZTemplateTypeOperator::eZTemplateTypeOperator (   $isArrayName = "is_array",
  $isBooleanName = "is_boolean",
  $isIntegerName = "is_integer",
  $isFloatName = "is_float",
  $isNumericName = "is_numeric",
  $isStringName = "is_string",
  $isObjectName = "is_object",
  $isClassName = "is_class",
  $isNullName = "is_null",
  $isSetName = "is_set",
  $isUnsetName = "is_unset",
  $getTypeName = "get_type",
  $getClassName = "get_class" 

Initializes the operator class with the various operator names.

$isArrayNameThe name array
eZTemplateTypeOperator::isTransform (   $operatorName,
eZTemplateTypeOperator::modify (   $tpl,

Examines the input value and outputs a boolean value. See class documentation for more information.

eZTemplateTypeOperator::namedParameterList ( )
eZTemplateTypeOperator::namedParameterPerOperator ( )
true to tell the template engine that the parameter list exists per operator type.
eZTemplateTypeOperator::operatorList ( )

Returns the operators in this class.

eZTemplateTypeOperator::operatorTemplateHints ( )

Member Data Documentation


The "less than" name.


The array of operators.

Referenced by operatorList().

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