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eZTemplateOperator Class Reference

Base documentation class for operators. More...

Public Member Functions

 modify ($element, $tpl, &$op_name, &$op_params, &$namespace, &$value, &$named_params)
 namedParameterList ()
 operatorList ()

Detailed Description

Base documentation class for operators.

This class is never used but only exists for documentation purposes.

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateOperator::modify (   $element,

Modifies the input variable $value and sets the output result in the same variable.

Remember to use references on the function arguments.
$elementThe operator element, can be used for doing advanced querying but should be avoided.
$tplThe template object which called this class
$op_nameThe name of this operator
$op_paramsThe parameters for this operator
$namespaceThe namespace which this operator works in
$valueThe current namespace for functions, this is usually used in functions for setting new variables. The input/output value
$named_paramsThe parameters as named lookups, only required if namedParameterList() is defined. The values of each parameter is also fetched for you.
eZTemplateOperator::namedParameterList ( )

Returns an array of named parameters, this allows for easier retrieval of operator parameters. This also requires the function modify() has an extra parameter called $named_params.

The position of each element (starts at 0) represents the position of the original sequenced parameters. The key of the element is used as parameter name, while the contents define the type and requirements. The keys of each element content is: type - defines the type of parameter allowed required - boolean which says if the parameter is required or not, if missing and required an error is displayed default - the default value if the parameter is missing

eZTemplateOperator::operatorList ( )

Returns the template operators which are registered when using eZTemplate::registerOperators()

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