eZPublish  4.5
eZTemplateIncludeFunction Class Reference

Includes external template code using function "include". More...

Public Member Functions

 eZTemplateIncludeFunction ($inc_name="include")
 functionList ()
 functionTemplateHints ()
 hasChildren ()
 process ($tpl, &$textElements, $functionName, $functionChildren, $functionParameters, $functionPlacement, $rootNamespace, $currentNamespace)
 templateNodeTransformation ($functionName, &$node, $tpl, $parameters, $privateData)

Static Public Member Functions

static handleInclude (&$textElements, &$uri, $tpl, $rootNamespace, $name)

Public Attributes

 The name of the include function. More...

Detailed Description

Includes external template code using function "include".

Allows the template designer to include another template file dynamically. This allows for reuse of commonly used template code. The new template file will loaded into the current namespace or a namspace specified by the template designer, any extra parameters to this function is set as template variables for the template file using the newly aquired namespace.

// Example template code
{include uri=file:myfile.tpl}
{include name=new_namespace uri=/etc/test.tpl}

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateIncludeFunction::eZTemplateIncludeFunction (   $inc_name = "include")

Initializes the function with the function name $inc_name.

eZTemplateIncludeFunction::functionList ( )

Returns an array of the function names, required for eZTemplate::registerFunctions.

eZTemplateIncludeFunction::functionTemplateHints ( )
static eZTemplateIncludeFunction::handleInclude ( $textElements,

Takes care of loading the template file and set it in the $text parameter.

Referenced by eZTemplate\appendElementText(), contentPDFGenerate(), generatePDF(), process(), and eZXMLOutputHandler\renderTag().

eZTemplateIncludeFunction::hasChildren ( )

Returns false, telling the template parser that this is a single tag.

eZTemplateIncludeFunction::process (   $tpl,

Loads the file specified in the parameter "uri" with namespace "name".

eZTemplateIncludeFunction::templateNodeTransformation (   $functionName,

Member Data Documentation


The name of the include function.

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