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eZPathElement Class Reference

Handles singular path elements in URL aliases. More...

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Public Member Functions

 actionURL ()
 alwaysAvailable ()
 eZPathElement ($row)
 getLanguage ()
 getPath ()
 getPathArray ()
 removeThis ()
 store ($fieldFilters=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZPersistentObject
 attribute ($attr, $noFunction=false)
 attributes ()
 eZPersistentObject ($row)
 fill ($row)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 hasDirtyData ()
 remove ($conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 setAttribute ($attr, $val)
 setHasDirtyData ($hasDirtyData)
 store ($fieldFilters=null)
 sync ($fieldFilters=null)

Static Public Member Functions

static definition ()
static fetchNamedByParentID ($parentID, $name)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from eZPersistentObject
static conditionText ($conditions)
static conditionTextByRow ($conditions, $row)
static count ($def, $conds=null, $field=null)
static definition ()
static escapeArray ($array)
static fetchObject ($def, $field_filters, $conds, $asObject=true, $grouping=null, $custom_fields=null)
static fetchObjectList ($def, $field_filters=null, $conds=null, $sorts=null, $limit=null, $asObject=true, $grouping=false, $custom_fields=null, $custom_tables=null, $custom_conds=null)
static getShortAttributeName ($db, $def, $attrName)
static handleRows ($rows, $class_name, $asObject)
static newObjectOrder ($def, $orderField, $conditions)
static removeObject ($def, $conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
static reorderObject ($def, $orderField, $conditions, $down=true)
static swapRow ($table, $keys, $order_id, $rows, $id1, $id2)
static updateObjectList ($parameters)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from eZPersistentObject
 Whether the data is dirty, ie needs to be stored, or not. More...

Detailed Description

Handles singular path elements in URL aliases.

This class is similar to eZURLAliasML but is designed to work on single path elements instead of considering the whole url.

The definition() of this class is the same as eZURLAliasML but it is not possible to store and remove items of this class.

Member Function Documentation

eZPathElement::actionURL ( )

Converts the action property into a real url which responds to the module/view on the site.

eZPathElement::alwaysAvailable ( )
static eZPathElement::definition ( )
eZPathElement::eZPathElement (   $row)

Initializes a new path element.

Referenced by getPathArray().

static eZPathElement::fetchNamedByParentID (   $parentID,

Fetches path elements which has the parent $parentID and name $name.

An array of path element objects.
eZPathElement::getLanguage ( )

Returns the eZContentLanguage object which maches the element language mask.

eZPathElement::getPath ( )

Calculates the full path for the current item and returns it.

If you know the action values of the path use fetchPathByActionList() instead, it is more optimized.
The calculated path is cached in $Path.
eZPathElement::getPathArray ( )
eZPathElement::removeThis ( )

Removal of path elements is not allowed.

eZPathElement::store (   $fieldFilters = null)

Storing of path elements is not allowed.

Member Data Documentation


Referenced by alwaysAvailable().

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