eZPublish  4.5
eZKeyword Class Reference

A content datatype which handles keyword index instances. More...

Public Member Functions

 attribute ($name)
 attributes ()
 eZKeyword ()
 fetch (&$attribute)
 hasAttribute ($name)
 initializeKeyword ($keywordString)
 keywordArray ()
 keywordString ()
 relatedObjects ()
 setKeywordArray ($keywords)
 store ($attribute)

Public Attributes

 $KeywordArray = array()
 Contains the keywords. More...
 $ObjectAttributeID = false
 Contains the ID attribute if fetched. More...

Detailed Description

A content datatype which handles keyword index instances.

Member Function Documentation

eZKeyword::attribute (   $name)
eZKeyword::attributes ( )

Referenced by hasAttribute().

eZKeyword::eZKeyword ( )

Construct a new keyword instance

eZKeyword::fetch ( $attribute)

Fetches the keywords for the given attribute.

eZKeyword::hasAttribute (   $name)
eZKeyword::initializeKeyword (   $keywordString)

Initialze the keyword index

eZKeyword::keywordArray ( )

Returns the keyword index

eZKeyword::keywordString ( )

Returns the keywords as a string

Referenced by attribute().

eZKeyword::relatedObjects ( )

Returns the objects which have at least one keyword in common

an array of eZContentObjectTreeNode instances, or null if the attribute is not stored yet

Referenced by attribute().

eZKeyword::setKeywordArray (   $keywords)

Sets the keyword index

eZKeyword::store (   $attribute)

Stores the keyword index to database

Member Data Documentation

eZKeyword::$KeywordArray = array()

Contains the keywords.

Referenced by attribute(), and keywordArray().

eZKeyword::$ObjectAttributeID = false

Contains the ID attribute if fetched.

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