eZPublish  4.5
eZDiffMatrix Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 eZDiffMatrix ($rows=null, $cols=null)
 get ($row, $col)
 set ($row, $col, $value)
 setSize ($nRows, $nCols)

Public Attributes

 Internal variable, width of the matrix. More...
 $Matrix = array()
 Internal array, holding necessary values. More...
 Internal variable, height of the matrix. More...

Detailed Description

This class will store values concerned with diff data

The eZDiffMatrix class will avoid storing 0, which for a large matrix will save memory.

Member Function Documentation

eZDiffMatrix::eZDiffMatrix (   $rows = null,
  $cols = null 


eZDiffMatrix::get (   $row,

This method will return the value at position ($row, $col)

eZDiffMatrix::set (   $row,

This method will set ($row, $col) in the matrix to $value, if it is not zero.

eZDiffMatrix::setSize (   $nRows,

Sets the dimensions of the matrix

Member Data Documentation


Internal variable, width of the matrix.

eZDiffMatrix::$Matrix = array()

Internal array, holding necessary values.


Internal variable, height of the matrix.

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