eZPublish  4.4
eZPlainXMLOutput Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 eZPlainXMLOutput (&$xmlData, $aliasedType)
outputText ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZXMLOutputHandler
 attribute ($name)
 attributes ()
 callTagInitHandler ($handlerName, $element, &$attributes, &$siblingParams, &$parentParams)
 callTagRenderHandler ($handlerName, $element, $childrenOutput, $vars)
 eZXMLOutputHandler ($xmlData, $aliasedType, $contentObjectAttribute=null)
 getAttributeValueArray ($tagName, $attributeName)
 hasAttribute ($name)
 isValid ()
 outputTag ($element, &$siblingParams, $parentParams=array())
outputText ()
 prefetch ()
 renderAll ($element, $childrenOutput, $vars)
 renderTag ($element, $content, $vars)
viewTemplateName ()
viewTemplateSuffix (&$contentobjectAttribute)
 xmlData ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from eZXMLOutputHandler
 $AllowMultipleSpaces = false
 $AllowNumericEntities = false
 $LinkArray = array()
 Contains the URL's for <link> tags hashed by ID. More...
 $NestingLevel = 0
 $NodeArray = array()
 Contains the Nodes hashed by ID. More...
 $ObjectArray = array()
 Contains the Objects hashed by ID. More...
 $Output = ''
 $OutputTags = array()
 $TemplatesPath = 'design:content/datatype/view/ezxmltags/'
 $TemplateURI = ''
 Contains the XML data as text. More...

Member Function Documentation

eZPlainXMLOutput::eZPlainXMLOutput ( $xmlData,
& eZPlainXMLOutput::outputText ( )

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