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eZImageFactory Class Referenceabstract

Base class for image factories. More...

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Public Member Functions

 eZImageFactory ($name)
 name ()

Static Public Member Functions

static produceFromINI ($iniGroup, $iniFilename=false)

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Detailed Description

Base class for image factories.

The image factory is responsible for producing image handlers when requested. This class must be inherited by specific factories to create specific handlers.

Member Function Documentation

eZImageFactory::eZImageFactory (   $name)

Initializes the factory with the name $name.

Referenced by eZImageGDFactory\eZImageGDFactory(), and eZImageShellFactory\eZImageShellFactory().

eZImageFactory::name ( )
the name of the factory, this is the name referenced in the INI file.
static eZImageFactory::produceFromINI (   $iniGroup,
  $iniFilename = false 
staticpure virtual

Creates a new image handler from the INI group $iniGroup and optionally INI file $iniFilename.

The default implementation returns null.

Implemented in eZImageShellFactory, and eZImageGDFactory.

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Referenced by name().

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