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eZCurrency Class Reference

Locale aware currency class. More...

Public Member Functions

 adjustValue ($old_scale, $new_scale)
 eZCurrency ($value)
 locale ()
 name ()
 setLocale (&$locale)
 setValue ($value)
 shortName ()
 symbol ()
 toString ()
 value ()

Public Attributes

 The current locale object. More...
 The currency value. More...

Detailed Description

Locale aware currency class.

eZCurrency handles currency values and allows for easy output with toString() and conversion with adjustValue().

A new instance of eZCurrency will automaticly use the current locale, if you however want a different locale use the setLocale() function. The current locale can be fetched with locale().

Change the currency value with setValue() or convert it to a new currency type with adjustValue() and setLocale(). If you want more detiled information on the currency use type(), name() and shortName().

Text output is done with toString() which returns a representation according to the current locale.

See Also

Member Function Documentation

eZCurrency::adjustValue (   $old_scale,

Adjust the value so that it can be represented in a different currency. The $old_scale is a float value which represents the current currency rate while $new_scale represents the new currency rate. All rates should be calculated from the dollar which then gets the rate 1.0.

eZCurrency::eZCurrency (   $value)

Creates a new eZCurrency object with the currency value $value. $value can be a numerical value or an eZCurrency object in which case the value is extracted and copied.

eZCurrency::locale ( )

Returns a reference to the current locale.

eZCurrency::name ( )

Returns the name of the currency, for instance Norwegian Kroner or US dollar.

eZCurrency::setLocale ( $locale)

Sets the locale to $locale which is used in text output.

eZCurrency::setValue (   $value)

Sets the currency value to $value.

eZCurrency::shortName ( )

Returns a 3 letter name for the currency, for instance NOK or USD.

eZCurrency::symbol ( )

Returns the currency symbol, for instance kr for NOK or $ for USD.

eZCurrency::toString ( )

Returns a text representation of the currency according to the current locale.

eZCurrency::value ( )

Returns the currency value.

Member Data Documentation


The current locale object.

Referenced by locale().


The currency value.

Referenced by value().

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