eZPublish  4.4
eZCodePageMapper Class Reference

The class eZCodePageMapper does. More...

Public Member Functions

 convertString ($str)
 eZCodePageMapper ($input_charset_code, $output_charset_code, $use_cache=true)
 isValid ()
 load ($use_cache=true)
 mapInputChar ($in_char)
mapInputCode ($in_code)
 mapOutputChar ($out_char)
mapOutputCode ($out_code)
 setSubstituteCharacter ($char_code)
 strlen ($str)
 strpos ($haystack, $needle, $offset=0)
 strrpos ($haystack, $needle)
 substituteCharacter ()
 substituteCharacterFor ($char)
 substr ($str, $start, $length)

Static Public Member Functions

static instance ($input_charset_code, $output_charset_code, $use_cache=true)
 Returns a shared instance of the eZCodePageMapper pr the $input_charset_code and $output_charset_code params. More...

Public Attributes

const CACHE_CODE_DATE = 1026316422

Detailed Description

The class eZCodePageMapper does.

Member Function Documentation

eZCodePageMapper::convertString (   $str)
eZCodePageMapper::eZCodePageMapper (   $input_charset_code,
  $use_cache = true 


Referenced by instance().

static eZCodePageMapper::instance (   $input_charset_code,
  $use_cache = true 

Returns a shared instance of the eZCodePageMapper pr the $input_charset_code and $output_charset_code params.


Referenced by eZTextCodec\initializeCodepageMapper().

eZCodePageMapper::isValid ( )
eZCodePageMapper::load (   $use_cache = true)

Referenced by eZCodePageMapper().

eZCodePageMapper::mapInputChar (   $in_char)

Referenced by convertString().

& eZCodePageMapper::mapInputCode (   $in_code)
eZCodePageMapper::mapOutputChar (   $out_char)
& eZCodePageMapper::mapOutputCode (   $out_code)
eZCodePageMapper::setSubstituteCharacter (   $char_code)

Referenced by eZCodePageMapper().

eZCodePageMapper::strlen (   $str)

Referenced by convertString().

eZCodePageMapper::strpos (   $haystack,
  $offset = 0 
eZCodePageMapper::strrpos (   $haystack,
eZCodePageMapper::substituteCharacter ( )
eZCodePageMapper::substituteCharacterFor (   $char)
eZCodePageMapper::substr (   $str,

Member Data Documentation

const eZCodePageMapper::CACHE_CODE_DATE = 1026316422

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