eZPublish  3.9
eZURLTranslator Class Reference

Translation requested URLs into new URLs internally. More...

Public Member Functions

addURLAlias ($source, $destination, $isInternal=true)
 eZURLTranslator ()
instance ()
translate (&$uri)
 translateNodeTree (&$uri)

Detailed Description

Translation requested URLs into new URLs internally.

Performs translation on supplied urls, currently only does tree node translation.

Member Function Documentation

& eZURLTranslator::addURLAlias (   $source,
  $isInternal = true 

Adds a new URL alias.

eZURLTranslator::eZURLTranslator ( )


Referenced by instance().

& eZURLTranslator::instance ( )
The only instance of the translator.
& eZURLTranslator::translate ( $uri)

Translates the url found in the object $uri and returns the corrected url object.

false if no url translation was done.
eZURLTranslator::translateNodeTree ( $uri)

Tries to find a node path which matches the uri $uri and returns a new uri string which views that node.

This code should get a separate class/package.

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