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eZTemplateUnitOperator Class Reference

Handles unit conversion and display using the operator "si". More...

Public Member Functions

 eZTemplateUnitOperator ($name="si")
 modify (&$tpl, &$operatorName, &$operatorParameters, &$rootNamespace, &$currentNamespace, &$operatorValue, &$namedParameters, $placement)
 namedParameterList ()
operatorList ()
 operatorTemplateHints ()
 operatorTransform ($operatorName, &$node, &$tpl, &$resourceData, &$element, &$lastElement, &$elementList, &$elementTree, &$parameters)

Detailed Description

Handles unit conversion and display using the operator "si".

The operator reads two parameters. The first tells the kind of unit type we're dealing with, for instance: byte, length. The second determines the behaviour of prefixes and is optional.

The available units are defined in the settings/unit.ini file. The bases are read from the Base group.

The unit operator supports both traditional 10^n based prefixes as well as binary prefixes(2^n n=10,20..), both old names and new names. See International Systems of Units

// Example of template code

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateUnitOperator::eZTemplateUnitOperator (   $name = "si")

Initializes the operator with the name $name, default is "si"

eZTemplateUnitOperator::modify ( $tpl,

Performs unit conversion.

eZTemplateUnitOperator::namedParameterList ( )
& eZTemplateUnitOperator::operatorList ( )

Returns the operators in this class.

eZTemplateUnitOperator::operatorTemplateHints ( )
eZTemplateUnitOperator::operatorTransform (   $operatorName,

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