eZPublish  3.9
eZTemplateCacheFunction Class Reference

Advanced cache handling. More...

Public Member Functions

 eZTemplateCacheFunction ($blockName= 'cache-block')
 functionList ()
 functionTemplateHints ()
 hasChildren ()
 process (&$tpl, &$textElements, $functionName, $functionChildren, $functionParameters, $functionPlacement, $rootNamespace, $currentNamespace)
 templateNodeTransformation ($functionName, &$node, &$tpl, $parameters, $privateData)

Static Public Member Functions

 expiryTemplateBlockCacheDir ()
 subtreeCacheBaseSubDir ()
 subtreeCacheSubDir ($subtreeExpiryParameter, $cacheFilename)
 subtreeCacheSubDirForNode ($nodeID)
 templateBlockCacheDir ()

Private Attributes

 Name of the function. More...

Detailed Description

Advanced cache handling.

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateCacheFunction::expiryTemplateBlockCacheDir ( )

Returns base directory where expired 'subtree_expiry' caches are stored.

Referenced by eZSubtreeCache\removeAllExpiryCacheFromDisk(), and eZSubtreeCache\renameDir().

eZTemplateCacheFunction::eZTemplateCacheFunction (   $blockName = 'cache-block')

Initializes the object with names.

eZTemplateCacheFunction::functionList ( )

Returns an array containing the name of the block function, default is "block". The name is specified in the constructor.

eZTemplateCacheFunction::functionTemplateHints ( )
eZTemplateCacheFunction::hasChildren ( )

Returns true.

eZTemplateCacheFunction::process ( $tpl,

Processes the function with all it's children.

eZTemplateCacheFunction::subtreeCacheBaseSubDir ( )

Returns base directory where 'subtree_expiry' caches are stored.

Referenced by eZSubtreeCache\cleanupAll(), and subtreeCacheSubDirForNode().

eZTemplateCacheFunction::subtreeCacheSubDir (   $subtreeExpiryParameter,

Returns path of the directory where 'subtree_expiry' caches are stored.

Referenced by process(), and templateNodeTransformation().

eZTemplateCacheFunction::subtreeCacheSubDirForNode (   $nodeID)

Builds and returns path from $nodeID, e.g. if $nodeID = 23 then path = subtree/2/3

Referenced by eZSubtreeCache\cleanup(), and subtreeCacheSubDir().

eZTemplateCacheFunction::templateBlockCacheDir ( )

Returns base directory where template block caches are stored.

Referenced by eZSubtreeCache\cleanup(), eZSubtreeCache\cleanupAll(), process(), and templateNodeTransformation().

eZTemplateCacheFunction::templateNodeTransformation (   $functionName,

Member Data Documentation


Name of the function.

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