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eZSubtreeCache Class Reference

The class eZSubtreeCache does. More...

Public Member Functions

 eZSubtreeCache ()

Static Public Member Functions

 cleanup (&$nodeList)
 cleanupAll ()
 cleanupByNodeIDs (&$nodeIDList)
 cleanupCacheDir ($cacheDir)
 removeAllExpiryCacheFromDisk ()
 removeExpiryCacheFromDisk ($expiryCachePath)
 renameDir ($dir)

Detailed Description

The class eZSubtreeCache does.

Member Function Documentation

eZSubtreeCache::cleanup ( $nodeList)

Clears template block caches with 'subtree_ezpiry' parameter for nodes in the $nodeList. Note: if 'DelayedCacheBlockCleanup' setting is enabled then expiried caches will be renamed only (removing from disk should be made, for example, by cronjob).

Referenced by cleanupByNodeIDs(), and eZContentCacheManager\clearTemplateBlockCache().

eZSubtreeCache::cleanupAll ( )

Removes all caches which were created using 'cache-block' operator with 'subtree_expiry' parameter.

Referenced by cleanupByNodeIDs(), and eZContentCacheManager\clearAllContentCache().

eZSubtreeCache::cleanupByNodeIDs ( $nodeIDList)

Removes caches which were created using 'cache-block' operator with 'subtree_expiry' parameter. $nodeList is an array of node's ids. It is used to determine caches to remove. if $nodeList is not an array or if $nodeList is empty all 'subtree_expiry' caches will be removed.

eZSubtreeCache::cleanupCacheDir (   $cacheDir)

If DelayedCacheBlockCleanup is enables just renames $cachDir, otherwise removes $cacheDir from disk.

Referenced by cleanup(), and cleanupAll().

eZSubtreeCache::eZSubtreeCache ( )


eZSubtreeCache::removeAllExpiryCacheFromDisk ( )
eZSubtreeCache::removeExpiryCacheFromDisk (   $expiryCachePath)

$expiryCachePath is a path to directory with cache that should be removed

Referenced by cleanupCacheDir(), and removeAllExpiryCacheFromDisk().

eZSubtreeCache::renameDir (   $dir)

$dir is a path to the cache directory which should be renamed. $dir is relative to the root directiry of 'subtree' cache.

Referenced by cleanupCacheDir().

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