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eZStepSiteDetails Class Reference

The class eZStepSiteDetails does. More...

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Public Member Functions

display ()
 eZStepSiteDetails (&$tpl, &$http, &$ini, &$persistenceList)
 init ()
 processPostData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZStepInstaller
 availableSitePackages ()
 checkDatabaseRequirements ($dbCharset=false, $overrideDBParameters=array())
 chosenSitePackage ()
 chosenSiteType ()
 databaseErrorInfo ($errorInfo)
display ()
 extraData ($dataIdentifier)
 extraDataList ()
 extraSiteData ($siteIdentifier, $dataIdentifier)
 eZStepInstaller (&$tpl, &$http, &$ini, &$persistenceList, $identifier, $name)
 findAppropriateCharset (&$primaryLanguage, &$allLanguages, $canUseUnicode)
 findAppropriateCharsetsList (&$primaryLanguage, &$allLanguages, $canUseUnicode)
 hasKickstartData ()
 init ()
 isKickstartAllowed ()
 kickstartContinueNextStep ()
 kickstartData ()
 processPostData ()
 selectSiteType ($sitePackageName)
 setAllowKickstart ($allow)
 siteaccessURLs ()
 storeExtraSiteData ($siteIdentifier, $dataIdentifier, $value)
 storePersistenceData ()
 storeSiteType ($siteType)

Public Attributes

 $Error = array()
- Public Attributes inherited from eZStepInstaller
 Kickstart INI file, if one is found. More...
 The kickstart data as an associative array or false if no data available. More...

Detailed Description

The class eZStepSiteDetails does.

Member Function Documentation

& eZStepSiteDetails::display ( )
eZStepSiteDetails::eZStepSiteDetails ( $tpl,


eZStepSiteDetails::init ( )
eZStepSiteDetails::processPostData ( )

Member Data Documentation

eZStepSiteDetails::$Error = array()

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