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eZSimplifiedXMLInput Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 eZSimplifiedXMLInput (&$xmlData, $aliasedType, $contentObjectAttribute)
inputXML ()
 updateUrlObjectLinks ($contentObjectAttribute, $urlIDArray)
 validateInput (&$http, $base, &$contentObjectAttribute)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZXMLInputHandler
attribute ($name)
 attributes ()
convertInput (&$text)
 customObjectAttributeHTTPAction ($http, $action, &$contentObjectAttribute)
editTemplateName ()
editTemplateSuffix (&$contentobjectAttribute)
 eZXMLInputHandler (&$xmlData, $aliasedType, $contentObjectAttribute)
 hasAttribute ($name)
informationTemplateName ()
informationTemplateSuffix (&$contentobjectAttribute)
 isValid ()
 xmlData ()

Public Attributes


Member Function Documentation

eZSimplifiedXMLInput::eZSimplifiedXMLInput ( $xmlData,
& eZSimplifiedXMLInput::inputXML ( )

Returns the input XML representation of the datatype.

Implements eZXMLInputHandler.

eZSimplifiedXMLInput::updateUrlObjectLinks (   $contentObjectAttribute,

Updates URL - object links.

Referenced by validateInput().

eZSimplifiedXMLInput::validateInput ( $http,

Validates the input and returns true if the input was valid for this datatype.

Implements eZXMLInputHandler.

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