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eZPaymentGatewayType Class Reference

Interface for different types of payment gateways. More...

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Public Member Functions

attribute ($attr)
attributeDecoder (&$event, $attr)
 attributes ()
 cleanup (&$process, &$event)
createGateway (&$inGatewayType)
 execute (&$process, &$event)
 eZPaymentGatewayType ()
 fetchHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
getCurrentGateway (&$event)
getCurrentGatewayType (&$event)
getGateways ($gatewaysTypes)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 initializeEvent (&$event)
 needCleanup ()
 registerGateway ($gateway, $class_name, $description)
 selectGateway (&$event)
 typeFunctionalAttributes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZWorkflowEventType
 eZWorkflowEventType ($typeString, $name)
 registerType ($typeString, $class_name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZWorkflowType
 allowedTypes ()
attribute ($attr)
attributeDecoder (&$event, $attr)
 attributes ()
 cleanup (&$process, &$event)
 cleanupAfterRemoving ($attr=array())
createType ($typeString)
 customWorkflowEventHTTPAction (&$http, $action, &$workflowEvent)
eventDescription ()
 execute (&$process, &$event)
 eZWorkflowType ($group, $type, $groupName, $name)
 fetchHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
fetchRegisteredTypes ()
 fixupHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 initializeEvent (&$event)
 isAllowed ($moduleName, $functionName, $connectType)
 loadAndRegisterAllTypes ()
 loadAndRegisterType ($typeString)
 needCleanup ()
 registerType ($group, $type, $class_name)
 setActivationDate ($date)
 setAttribute ($attr, $value)
 setInformation ($inf)
 setTriggerTypes ($allowedTypes)
 statusName ($status)
 storeDefinedEventData ($event)
 storeEventData (&$event, $version)
 typeFunctionalAttributes ()
 validateHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event, &$validation)
workflowEventContent ()

Static Public Member Functions

 loadAndRegisterBuiltInGateways ()
 loadAndRegisterExtensionGateways ()
 loadAndRegisterGateways ()

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Interface for different types of payment gateways.

Allows use multiple payment gateways in workflow. Allows user to choose necessary gateway type 'on the fly'.

Member Function Documentation

& eZPaymentGatewayType::attribute (   $attr)
& eZPaymentGatewayType::attributeDecoder ( $event,

Attributes. There are three types of gateways in eZPaymentGatewayType. 'Available' gateways - gateways that were installed in the eZPublish (as extensions, build-in); 'Selected' gateways - gateways that were selected for this instance of eZPaymentGatewayType; 'Current' gateway - through this gateway payment will be made.

eZPaymentGatewayType::attributes ( )

Referenced by hasAttribute().

eZPaymentGatewayType::cleanup ( $process,

Delegate to eZPaymentGateway subclass.

& eZPaymentGatewayType::createGateway ( $inGatewayType)

Creates and returns object of eZPaymentGateway subclass.

Referenced by getCurrentGateway().

eZPaymentGatewayType::execute ( $process,

Creates necessary gateway and delegate execution to it. If there are multiple gateways in eZPaymentGatewayType, fetches template with list of 'selected'(see. 'attributes' section) gateways and asks user to choose one.

eZPaymentGatewayType::eZPaymentGatewayType ( )


eZPaymentGatewayType::fetchHTTPInput ( $http,

Sets 'selected' gateways. -1 means 'Any' - all 'available' gateways becomes 'selected'.

& eZPaymentGatewayType::getCurrentGateway ( $event)

Returns 'current' gateway.

Referenced by cleanup(), and execute().

& eZPaymentGatewayType::getCurrentGatewayType ( $event)

Returns 'current' gatewaytype.

Referenced by getCurrentGateway().

& eZPaymentGatewayType::getGateways (   $gatewaysTypes)

Returns an array of gateways difinitions( class_name, description ) by 'gatewaysTypes'( array of 'gateway' values that were passed to 'registerGateway' function).

Referenced by attribute(), and attributeDecoder().

eZPaymentGatewayType::hasAttribute (   $attr)
eZPaymentGatewayType::initializeEvent ( $event)
eZPaymentGatewayType::loadAndRegisterBuiltInGateways ( )

Referenced by loadAndRegisterGateways().

eZPaymentGatewayType::loadAndRegisterExtensionGateways ( )

Referenced by loadAndRegisterGateways().

eZPaymentGatewayType::loadAndRegisterGateways ( )

Searches 'available' gateways( built-in or as extensions ).

Referenced by eZPaymentGatewayType().

eZPaymentGatewayType::needCleanup ( )
eZPaymentGatewayType::registerGateway (   $gateway,

Each gateway must call this function to become 'available'.

eZPaymentGatewayType::selectGateway ( $event)

Sets 'current' gateway from 'selected' gateways. If 'selected' is just one, it becomes 'current'. Else user have to choose some( appropriate template will be shown).

Referenced by execute().

eZPaymentGatewayType::typeFunctionalAttributes ( )

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