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eZNoCompressionHandler Class Reference

Does no compression at all. More...

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Public Member Functions

 eZNoCompressionHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZCompressionHandler
 compress ($source)
 decompress ($source)
 eZCompressionHandler ($handlerIdentifier, $handlerName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZFileHandler
 close ()
 copy ($sourceFilename, $destinationFilename)
 doClose ()
 doEOF ()
 doExists ($filename)
 doFlush ()
 doIsDirectory ($filename)
 doIsExecutable ($filename)
 doIsFile ($filename)
 doIsLink ($filename)
 doIsReadable ($filename)
 doIsWriteable ($filename)
 doOpen ($filename, $mode)
 doPasstrough ($closeFile=true)
 doRead ($length=false)
 doRename ($destinationFilename, $sourceFilename)
 doRewind ()
 doSeek ($offset, $whence)
 doStatistics ($filename)
 doTell ()
 doUnlink ($filename)
 doWrite ($data, $length=false)
duplicate ()
 eof ()
 error ()
 errorNumber ()
 errorString ()
 exists ($filename=false)
 eZFileHandler ($handlerIdentifier=false, $handlerName=false)
 filename ()
 flush ()
 identifier ()
instance ($identifier, $filename=false, $mode=false, $binaryFile=true)
 isAvailable ()
 isBinaryMode ()
 isDirectory ($filename=false)
 isExecutable ($filename=false)
 isFile ($filename=false)
 isLink ($filename=false)
 isOpen ()
 isReadable ($filename=false)
 isWriteable ($filename=false)
 link ($sourceFilename, $destinationFilename)
 linkCopy ($sourceFilename, $destinationFilename, $symbolicLink=true)
 mode ()
 move ($sourceFilename, $destinationFilename)
 name ()
 open ($filename, $mode, $binaryFile=true)
 passtrough ($closeFile=true)
 read ($length=false)
 rename ($destinationFilename, $sourceFilename=false)
 rewind ()
 seek ($offset, $whence=SEEK_SET)
 statistics ($filename=false)
 symlink ($sourceFilename, $destinationFilename)
 tell ()
 unlink ($filename=false)
 write ($data, $length=false)

Detailed Description

Does no compression at all.

Member Function Documentation

eZNoCompressionHandler::eZNoCompressionHandler ( )

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