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eZLDAPUser Class Reference

The class eZLDAPUser does. More...

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Public Member Functions

 eZLDAPUser ()
 getUserGroupsTree (&$requiredParams, $filter, $curDN, &$groupsTree, &$stack, $depth=0)
 goAndPublishGroups (&$requiredParams, $curDN, &$groupsTree, &$stack, $depth, $isUser=false)
 publishNewUserGroup ($parentNodeIDs, $newGroupAttributes, $isUtf8Encoding=false)
 publishUpdateUser ($parentNodeIDs, $defaultUserPlacement, $userAttributes, $isUtf8Encoding=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZUser
accessArray ()
 authenticationMatch ()
 checkUser (&$siteBasics, &$uri)
 cleanupCache ()
contentObject ()
 create ($contentObjectID)
 definition ()
 eZUser ($row)
 failedLoginAttempts ($userID=false)
 fetch ($id, $asObject=true)
fetchBuiltin ($id)
 fetchByEmail ($email, $asObject=true)
 fetchByName ($login, $asObject=true)
 fetchContentList ()
 fetchLoggedInCount ()
 fetchUserClassList ($asObject=false, $fields=false)
 fetchUserClassNames ()
 fetchUserGroupClassNames ()
 forceLogin ()
 generateAccessArray ()
groups ($asObject=false, $userID=false)
 hasAccessTo ($module, $function=false)
 hasAccessToView ($module, $viewName, &$params)
hasManageLocations ()
hasStoredLogin ()
 id ()
instance ($id=false)
 isAnonymous ()
isEnabled ()
 isEnabledAfterFailedLogin ($userID, $ignoreTrusted=false)
isLocked ()
isLoggedIn ()
 isUserObject ($contentObject)
lastVisit ()
 limitList ()
limitValueList ()
 loginCurrent ()
 loginURI ()
originalPassword ()
originalPasswordConfirm ()
 passwordHashTypeID ($identifier)
 passwordHashTypeName ($id)
 postCollectUserInfo ()
 preCollectUserInfo ()
 removeUser ($userID)
 requireUniqueEmail ()
roleIDList ()
roles ()
 sessionCleanup ()
 setFailedLoginAttempts ($userID, $value=false, $setByForce=false)
 setInformation ($id, $login, $email, $password, $passwordConfirm=false)
 setOriginalPassword ($password)
 setOriginalPasswordConfirm ($password)
 store ()
 updateLastVisit ($userID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZPersistentObject
attribute ($attr, $noFunction=false)
 attributes ()
 conditionText (&$conditions)
conditionTextByRow (&$conditions, &$row)
 definition ()
escapeArray (&$array)
 eZPersistentObject ($row)
 fetchObject (&$def, $field_filters, $conds, $asObject=true, $grouping=null, $custom_fields=null)
 fetchObjectList (&$def, $field_filters=null, $conds=null, $sorts=null, $limit=null, $asObject=true, $grouping=false, $custom_fields=null, $custom_tables=null, $custom_conds=null)
 fill (&$row)
 getShortAttributeName (&$db, &$def, $attrName)
 handleRows (&$rows, $class_name, $asObject)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 hasDirtyData ()
 newObjectOrder (&$def, $orderField, $conditions)
 remove ($conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 removeObject (&$def, $conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 reorderObject (&$def, $orderField, $conditions, $down=true)
 setAttribute ($attr, $val)
 setHasDirtyData ($hasDirtyData)
 store ($fieldFilters=null)
 swapRow ($table, &$keys, &$order_id, &$rows, $id1, $id2)
 sync ($fieldFilters=null)
 updateObjectList ($parameters)

Static Public Member Functions

loginUser ($login, $password, $authenticationMatch=false)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from eZUser
 authenticateHash ($user, $password, $site, $type, $hash)
 cleanup ()
 clearSessionCache ()
 createHash ($user, $password, $site, $type)
 createPassword ($passwordLength, $seed=false)
currentUser ()
 currentUserID ()
 fetchAnonymousCount ()
 fetchLoggedInList ($asObject=false, $offset=false, $limit=false, $sortBy=false)
 getCacheDir ($id=0)
 getCacheFilename ($id)
 hashType ()
 isTrusted ()
 isUserIPInList ($ipList)
 isUserLoggedIn ($userID)
loginUser ($login, $password, $authenticationMatch=false)
 logoutCurrent ()
 maxNumberOfFailedLogin ()
 passwordCharacterTable ()
 removeSessionData ($userID)
 site ()
 validatePassword ($password)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from eZUser
 setCurrentlyLoggedInUser (&$user, $userID)

Detailed Description

The class eZLDAPUser does.

Member Function Documentation

eZLDAPUser::eZLDAPUser ( )


eZLDAPUser::getUserGroupsTree ( $requiredParams,
  $depth = 0 

Referenced by loginUser().

eZLDAPUser::goAndPublishGroups ( $requiredParams,
  $isUser = false 

Referenced by loginUser().

& eZLDAPUser::loginUser (   $login,
  $authenticationMatch = false 

Logs in the user if applied username and password is valid. The userID is returned if succesful, false if not.

eZLDAPUser::publishNewUserGroup (   $parentNodeIDs,
  $isUtf8Encoding = false 

Referenced by goAndPublishGroups().

eZLDAPUser::publishUpdateUser (   $parentNodeIDs,
  $isUtf8Encoding = false 

Referenced by loginUser().

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