eZPublish  3.9
eZDBPackageHandler Class Reference

Handles content classes in the package system. More...

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Public Member Functions

 add ($packageType, &$package, &$cli, $parameters)
 createInstallNode (&$package, $export, &$installNode, $installItem, $installType)
 eZDBPackageHandler ()
 handleAddParameters ($packageType, &$package, &$cli, $arguments)
 handleParameters ($packageType, &$package, &$cli, $type, $arguments)
 install (&$package, $installType, $parameters, $name, $os, $filename, $subdirectory, &$content, $installParameters)
 parseInstallNode (&$package, &$installNode, &$installParameters, $isInstall)
 sqlDirectory ()
 sqlFileExists (&$sqlFile, &$databaseType, &$triedFiles)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZPackageHandler
 add ($packageType, &$package, $parameters)
 createDependencyNode (&$package, &$dependencyNode, $dependencyItem, $dependencySection)
 createDependencyText (&$package, $dependencyItem, $dependencySection)
 createInstallNode (&$package, &$installNode, $installItem, $installType)
 errorChoosenAction ($errorCode, &$installParameters, $description=false, $handlerType=false, $resetError=true)
 explainInstallItem (&$package, $installItem)
 extractInstallContent ()
 eZPackageHandler ($handlerType, $parameters=array())
 handlerType ()
 install (&$package, $installType, $parameters, $name, $os, $filename, $subdirectory, &$content, &$installParameters, &$installData)
 isErrorElement ($elementID, &$installParameters)
 parseDependencyNode (&$package, &$dependencyNode, &$dependencyParameters, $dependencySection)
 reset ()
 uninstall (&$package, $installType, $parameters, $name, $os, $filename, $subdirectory, $installParameters, &$installData)

Detailed Description

Handles content classes in the package system.

Member Function Documentation

eZDBPackageHandler::add (   $packageType,
eZDBPackageHandler::createInstallNode ( $package,
eZDBPackageHandler::eZDBPackageHandler ( )


eZDBPackageHandler::handleAddParameters (   $packageType,

Called when command line parameters must be handled by the package handler. This function must return an array with values which can easily be used in the add() function.

$packageTypeThe type that was specified when using the add command, which is either the name of this handler or an alias for it.
$packageThe package object.
$cliCommand line interface object, can be used to output errors etc.
$argumentsAn array with string values taken from the command line after the add command.

Implements eZPackageHandler.

eZDBPackageHandler::handleParameters (   $packageType,

Referenced by handleAddParameters().

eZDBPackageHandler::install ( $package,

Installs the package type

eZDBPackageHandler::parseInstallNode ( $package,

Implements eZPackageHandler.

eZDBPackageHandler::sqlDirectory ( )

Referenced by createInstallNode(), and install().

eZDBPackageHandler::sqlFileExists ( $sqlFile,

Referenced by handleParameters().

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