eZPublish  3.9
eZContentBrowse Class Reference

Handles browsing of content in the node tree. More...

Public Member Functions

attribute ($attributeName)
 attributes ()
 eZContentBrowse ($params=false)
 hasAttribute ($attributeName)
 setStartNode ($nodeID)

Static Public Member Functions

 browse ($parameters=array(), &$module)
 nodeAliasID ($nodeName)
 result ($actionName, $asObject=false)

Private Attributes

 $Parameters = false
 The browse parameters. More...

Detailed Description

Handles browsing of content in the node tree.

This class makes it easy to use the browse system to search for content objects or nodes. The class will take care of storing the necessary session variables and redirect to the browse page.

Using it is simply to call the browse function with some parameters.

eZContentBrowse::browse( array( 'action_name' => 'MyActionName' ), $module );

It requires the module objects as the second parameter to redirect and the first define how the browse page should behave. Normally you just want to set action_name and define the behaviour of that action in settings/browse.ini.

Member Function Documentation

& eZContentBrowse::attribute (   $attributeName)
the attribute value of the attribute named $attributeName or null if no such attribute.
eZContentBrowse::attributes ( )
an array with attribute names.
eZContentBrowse::browse (   $parameters = array(),
eZContentBrowse::eZContentBrowse (   $params = false)

Initializes the object with the session data if they are found. If $params is supplied it used instead.

eZContentBrowse::hasAttribute (   $attributeName)
true if the attribute name $attributeName is among the browse parameters.
eZContentBrowse::nodeAliasID (   $nodeName)
the node ID for the node alias $nodeName or false if no ID could be found.

Referenced by browse(), and eZObjectRelationListType\customObjectAttributeHTTPAction().

eZContentBrowse::result (   $actionName,
  $asObject = false 
the result of the previous browse operation or false if no result was found. It uses the action name $actionName to determine which result to look for.

Referenced by checkNodeAssignments(), checkNodeMovements(), checkRelationAssignments(), chooseObjectVersionsToCopy(), chooseOptionsToCopy(), eZObjectRelationType\customClassAttributeHTTPAction(), and eZObjectRelationListType\customClassAttributeHTTPAction().

eZContentBrowse::setStartNode (   $nodeID)

Sets the node ID where browsing starts.

Member Data Documentation

eZContentBrowse::$Parameters = false

The browse parameters.

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