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eZXML Class Reference

eZXML handles parsing of well formed XML documents. More...

Public Member Functions

domTree ($xmlDoc, $params=array(), $native=false)
 eZXML ()

Public Attributes

 Contains the current namespace. More...
 Contains a reference to the DOM document object. More...
 $NamespaceArray = array()
 Contains the available namespaces. More...
 $NamespaceStack = array()
 Contains the namespaces. More...

Private Member Functions

 parseAttributes ($attributeString)

Static Private Member Functions

 stripComments (&$str)

Detailed Description

eZXML handles parsing of well formed XML documents.

1 eZXML will create a DOM tree from well formed XML documents.

See Also
eZDOMDocument eZDOMNode

Member Function Documentation

& eZXML::domTree (   $xmlDoc,
  $params = array(),
  $native = false 

Will return a DOM object tree from the well formed XML.

$params["SetParentNode"] = false/true : create eZDOMDocument with setParentNode parameter set to true or false. $params["TrimWhiteSpace"] = false/true : should the XML parser ignore whitespaces between tags. $params["CharsetConversion"] = false/true : Whether charset conversion is done or not, default is true. $params["ConvertSpecialChars"] = false/true: whether to convert < > & etc into < > &; default is true.

eZXML::eZXML ( )


eZXML::parseAttributes (   $attributeString)

Parses the attributes. Returns false if no attributes in the supplied string is found.

Referenced by domTree().

eZXML::stripComments ( $str)

Referenced by domTree().

Member Data Documentation


Contains the current namespace.


Contains a reference to the DOM document object.

eZXML::$NamespaceArray = array()

Contains the available namespaces.

eZXML::$NamespaceStack = array()

Contains the namespaces.

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