eZPublish  3.8
eZTemplateRoot Class Reference

Represents a root element of the template tree. More...

Public Member Functions

 appendChild (&$node)
children ()
 clear ()
 eZTemplateRoot ($children=array())
 name ()
 process (&$tpl, &$text, $nspace, $current_nspace)
 serializeData ()

Public Attributes

 $Children = array()
 The child array. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a root element of the template tree.

This starts the template tree and is the base of template includes.

It has a list of child elements and runs process() on each child.

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateRoot::appendChild ( $node)

Appends the child $node to the child array.

& eZTemplateRoot::children ( )

Returns a reference to the child array.

eZTemplateRoot::clear ( )

Removes all children.

eZTemplateRoot::eZTemplateRoot (   $children = array())

Initializes the object.

eZTemplateRoot::name ( )

Returns #root as the name.

eZTemplateRoot::process ( $tpl,

Runs process() on all child elements.

eZTemplateRoot::serializeData ( )

Member Data Documentation

eZTemplateRoot::$Children = array()

The child array.

Referenced by children().

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