eZPublish  3.8
eZStepSystemFinetune Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

display ()
 eZStepSystemFinetune (&$tpl, &$http, &$ini, &$persistenceList)
 init ()
 processPostData ()
 showMessage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZStepInstaller
 availableSitePackages ()
 checkDatabaseRequirements ($dbCharset=false, $overrideDBParameters=array())
 chosenSitePackage ()
 chosenSiteType ()
 databaseErrorInfo ($errorInfo)
display ()
 extraData ($dataIdentifier)
 extraDataList ()
 extraSiteData ($siteIdentifier, $dataIdentifier)
 eZStepInstaller (&$tpl, &$http, &$ini, &$persistenceList, $identifier, $name)
 findAppropriateCharset (&$primaryLanguage, &$allLanguages, $canUseUnicode)
 findAppropriateCharsetsList (&$primaryLanguage, &$allLanguages, $canUseUnicode)
 hasKickstartData ()
 init ()
 isKickstartAllowed ()
 kickstartContinueNextStep ()
 kickstartData ()
 processPostData ()
 selectSiteType ($sitePackageName)
 setAllowKickstart ($allow)
 storeExtraSiteData ($siteIdentifier, $dataIdentifier, $value)
 storePersistenceData ()
 storeSiteType ($siteType)

Public Attributes

 $Result = null
 $Results = null
- Public Attributes inherited from eZStepInstaller
 Kickstart INI file, if one is found. More...
 The kickstart data as an associative array or false if no data available. More...

Member Function Documentation

& eZStepSystemFinetune::display ( )
eZStepSystemFinetune::eZStepSystemFinetune ( $tpl,


eZStepSystemFinetune::init ( )
eZStepSystemFinetune::processPostData ( )
eZStepSystemFinetune::showMessage ( )

Member Data Documentation

eZStepSystemFinetune::$Result = null
eZStepSystemFinetune::$Results = null

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