eZPublish  3.8
eZSection Class Reference

eZSection handles grouping of content in eZ publish More...

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Public Member Functions

 canBeRemoved ($sectionID=false)
 definition ()
 eZSection ($row)
 fetch ($sectionID, $asObject=true)
fetchByOffset ($offset, $limit, $asObject=true)
 fetchList ($asObject=true)
 globalID ()
 initGlobalID ()
 remove ()
 sectionCount ()
 setGlobalID ($sectionID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZPersistentObject
attribute ($attr, $noFunction=false)
 attributes ()
 conditionText (&$conditions)
conditionTextByRow (&$conditions, &$row)
 definition ()
escapeArray (&$array)
 eZPersistentObject ($row)
 fetchObject (&$def, $field_filters, $conds, $asObject=true, $grouping=null, $custom_fields=null)
 fetchObjectList (&$def, $field_filters=null, $conds=null, $sorts=null, $limit=null, $asObject=true, $grouping=false, $custom_fields=null)
 fill (&$row)
 getShortAttributeName (&$db, &$def, $attrName)
 handleRows (&$rows, $class_name, $asObject)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 hasDirtyData ()
 newObjectOrder (&$def, $orderField, $conditions)
 remove ($conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 removeObject (&$def, $conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 reorderObject (&$def, $orderField, $conditions, $down=true)
 setAttribute ($attr, $val)
 setHasDirtyData ($hasDirtyData)
 store ($fieldFilters=null)
 swapRow ($table, &$keys, &$order_id, &$rows, $id1, $id2)
 sync ($fieldFilters=null)
 updateObjectList ($parameters)

Detailed Description

eZSection handles grouping of content in eZ publish

Member Function Documentation

eZSection::canBeRemoved (   $sectionID = false)
eZSection::definition ( )
the persistent object definition for the eZSection class.

Referenced by fetch(), fetchByOffset(), fetchList(), and remove().

eZSection::eZSection (   $row)
eZSection::fetch (   $sectionID,
  $asObject = true 
& eZSection::fetchByOffset (   $offset,
  $asObject = true 
eZSection::globalID ( )
the global section ID or null if it is not set yet.
eZSection::initGlobalID ( )

Makes sure the global section ID is propagated to the template override key.

eZSection::remove ( )

Will remove the current section from the database.

Transaction unsafe. If you call several transaction unsafe methods you must enclose the calls within a db transaction; thus within db->begin and db->commit.
eZSection::sectionCount ( )
the number of active orders
eZSection::setGlobalID (   $sectionID)

Sets the current global section ID to $sectionID in the session and the template override key.

Referenced by eZNodeviewfunctions\generateNodeView(), and eZContentCache\restore().

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