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eZPrice Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 eZPrice (&$classAttribute, &$contentObjectAttribute, $storedPrice=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZSimplePrice
attribute ($attr)
 attributes ()
calcDiscountExVATPrice ($priceValue)
calcDiscountIncVATPrice ($priceValue)
calcExVATPrice ($priceValue)
calcIncVATPrice ($priceValue)
currency ()
 discount ()
discountExVATPrice ()
discountIncVATPrice ()
discountPercent ()
exVATPrice ()
 eZSimplePrice (&$classAttribute, &$contentObjectAttribute, $storedPrice=null)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
hasDiscount ()
incVATPrice ()
price ()
 serializeContentClassAttribute (&$classAttribute, &$attributeNode, &$attributeParametersNode)
 setAttribute ($attr, $value)
 setDiscountPercent ($percent)
 setPrice ($value)
 setVATIncluded ($VATIncluded)
 setVATType ($VATID)
 unserializeContentClassAttribute (&$classAttribute, &$attributeNode, &$attributeParametersNode)
VATIncluded ()
 VATPercent ($object=false, $country=false)
 Can return dynamic percentage depending on product and country the user is from. More...
VATType ()

Member Function Documentation

eZPrice::eZPrice ( $classAttribute,
  $storedPrice = null 


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