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eZMySQLDB Class Reference

The eZMySQLDB class provides MySQL implementation of the database interface. More...

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Public Member Functions

 arrayQuery ($sql, $params=array())
 availableDatabases ()
 beginQuery ()
 bindingType ()
 bindVariable (&$value, $fieldDef=false)
 checkCharset ($charset, &$currentCharset)
 close ()
 commitQuery ()
 concatString ($strings=array())
 createDatabase ($dbName)
 databaseClientVersion ()
 databaseName ()
 databaseServerVersion ()
 escapeString ($str)
 eZMySQLDB ($parameters)
 eZTableList ()
 isCharsetSupported ($charset)
 lastSerialID ($table=false, $column=false)
 lock ($table)
 md5 ($str)
 query ($sql)
 relationCount ($relationType=EZ_DB_RELATION_TABLE)
 relationCounts ($relationMask)
 relationList ($relationType=EZ_DB_RELATION_TABLE)
 relationMatchRegexp ($relationType)
 removeRelation ($relationName, $relationType)
 rollbackQuery ()
 setError ()
 subString ($string, $from, $len=null)
 supportedRelationTypeMask ()
 supportedRelationTypes ()
 unlock ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZDBInterface
attribute ($name)
 attributes ()
 availableDatabases ()
 begin ()
 beginQuery ()
 bindVariable ($value, $fieldDef=false)
 charset ()
 checkCharset ($charset, &$currentCharset)
 commit ()
 commitQuery ()
 connectRetryCount ()
 connectRetryWaitTime ()
 createDatabase ()
 createTempTable ($createTableQuery= '')
 databaseServerVersion ()
 dropTempTable ($dropTableQuery= '')
 errorMessage ()
 errorNumber ()
 eZDBInterface ($parameters)
 generateFailedTransactionStack ()
 generateUniqueTempTableName ($pattern, $randomizeIndex=false)
 hasAttribute ($name)
 hasRequiredServerVersion ($minVersion, $name=false)
 implodeWithTypeCast ($glue, &$pieces, $type)
 insertFile ($path, $sqlFile, $usePathType=true)
 invalidateTransaction ()
 isCharsetSupported ($charset)
 isTransactionValid ()
 rollback ()
 rollbackQuery ()
 setIsSQLOutputEnabled ($enabled)
 socketPath ()
 transactionCounter ()
 usesBuiltinEncoding ()
 useShortNames ()
 version ()

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

 checkCharsetPriv ($charset, &$currentCharset)
 connect ($server, $db, $user, $password, $socketPath, $charset=null)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from eZDBInterface
 isConnected ()
 relationName ($relationType)
 reportError ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from eZDBInterface
 The charset used for the current database. More...
 The number of times to retry a connection if it fails. More...
 The current database name. More...
 The current connection, false if not connection has been made. More...
 Contains the write database connection if used. More...
 The end time of the tiemr. More...
 The database error message of the last executed function. More...
 $ErrorNumber = 0
 The database error message number of the last executed function. More...
 $IsConnected = false
 Contains true if we're connected to the database backend. More...
 $NumQueries = 0
 Contains number of queries sended to DB. More...
 Setting if SQL queries should be sent to debug output. More...
 Instance of a textcodec which handles text conversion, may not be set if no builtin encoding is used. More...
 Stores the database connection password. More...
 $RecordError = true
 If true then ErrorMessage and ErrorNumber get filled. More...
 Contains the current server. More...
 The slave database name. More...
 The slave database user password. More...
 The slave server name. More...
 The slave database user. More...
 The socket path, used by MySQL. More...
 The start time of the timer. More...
 The total number of milliseconds the timer took. More...
 The transaction counter, 0 means no transaction. More...
 Flag which tells if a transaction is considered valid or not A transaction will be made invalid if SQL errors occur. More...
 True if a builtin encoder is to be used, this means that all input/output text is converted. More...
 $UsePersistentConnection = false
 If true then the database connection should be persistent. More...
 Stores the database connection user. More...
 Contains true if slave servers are enabled. More...

Detailed Description

The eZMySQLDB class provides MySQL implementation of the database interface.

eZMySQLDB is the MySQL implementation of eZDB.

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Member Function Documentation

eZMySQLDB::arrayQuery (   $sql,
  $params = array() 

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::availableDatabases ( )
eZMySQLDB::beginQuery ( )

The query to start the transaction.

eZMySQLDB::bindingType ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::bindVariable ( $value,
  $fieldDef = false 
eZMySQLDB::checkCharset (   $charset,

Checks if the requested character set matches the one used in the database.

true if it matches or false if it differs.
[out]$currentCharsetThe charset that the database uses. will only be set if the match fails. Note: This will be specific to the database.
There will be no check for databases using MySQL 4.1.0 or lower since they do not have proper character set handling.
eZMySQLDB::checkCharsetPriv (   $charset,

Referenced by checkCharset().

eZMySQLDB::close ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::commitQuery ( )

The query to commit the transaction.

eZMySQLDB::concatString (   $strings = array())
eZMySQLDB::connect (   $server,
  $charset = null 

Opens a new connection to a MySQL database and returns the connection

Referenced by eZMySQLDB().

eZMySQLDB::createDatabase (   $dbName)
eZMySQLDB::databaseClientVersion ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::databaseName ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::databaseServerVersion ( )
eZMySQLDB::escapeString (   $str)

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::eZMySQLDB (   $parameters)

Create a new eZMySQLDB object and connects to the database backend.

Connect to master server

eZMySQLDB::eZTableList ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::isCharsetSupported (   $charset)

Referenced by connect().

eZMySQLDB::lastSerialID (   $table = false,
  $column = false 

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::lock (   $table)

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::md5 (   $str)
eZMySQLDB::query (   $sql)
eZMySQLDB::relationCount (   $relationType = EZ_DB_RELATION_TABLE)

Implements eZDBInterface.

Referenced by relationCounts().

eZMySQLDB::relationCounts (   $relationMask)

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::relationList (   $relationType = EZ_DB_RELATION_TABLE)

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::relationMatchRegexp (   $relationType)

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::removeRelation (   $relationName,

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::rollbackQuery ( )

The query to cancel the transaction.

eZMySQLDB::setError ( )
eZMySQLDB::subString (   $string,
  $len = null 
eZMySQLDB::supportedRelationTypeMask ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::supportedRelationTypes ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

eZMySQLDB::unlock ( )

Implements eZDBInterface.

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