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eZMultiplexerType Class Reference

The class eZMultiplexerType does. More...

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Public Member Functions

attribute ($attr)
attributeDecoder (&$event, $attr)
 attributes ()
 execute (&$process, &$event)
 eZMultiplexerType ()
 fetchHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 initializeEvent (&$event)
 typeFunctionalAttributes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZWorkflowEventType
 eZWorkflowEventType ($typeString, $name)
 registerType ($typeString, $class_name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZWorkflowType
 allowedTypes ()
attribute ($attr)
attributeDecoder (&$event, $attr)
 attributes ()
 cleanup (&$process, &$event)
 cleanupAfterRemoving ($attr=array())
createType ($typeString)
 customWorkflowEventHTTPAction (&$http, $action, &$workflowEvent)
eventDescription ()
 execute (&$process, &$event)
 eZWorkflowType ($group, $type, $groupName, $name)
 fetchHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
fetchRegisteredTypes ()
 fixupHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 initializeEvent (&$event)
 isAllowed ($moduleName, $functionName, $connectType)
 loadAndRegisterAllTypes ()
 loadAndRegisterType ($typeString)
 needCleanup ()
 registerType ($group, $type, $class_name)
 setActivationDate ($date)
 setAttribute ($attr, $value)
 setInformation ($inf)
 setTriggerTypes ($allowedTypes)
 statusName ($status)
 storeEventData (&$event, $version)
 typeFunctionalAttributes ()
 validateHTTPInput (&$http, $base, &$event)
workflowEventContent ()

Detailed Description

The class eZMultiplexerType does.

WorkflowEvent storage fields : data_text1 - selected_sections data_text2 - selected_usergroups data_text3 - selected_classes data_int1 - selected_workflow data_int2 - language_list

Member Function Documentation

& eZMultiplexerType::attribute (   $attr)
& eZMultiplexerType::attributeDecoder ( $event,
eZMultiplexerType::attributes ( )

Referenced by hasAttribute().

eZMultiplexerType::execute ( $process,
eZMultiplexerType::eZMultiplexerType ( )


eZMultiplexerType::fetchHTTPInput ( $http,
eZMultiplexerType::hasAttribute (   $attr)
eZMultiplexerType::initializeEvent ( $event)
eZMultiplexerType::typeFunctionalAttributes ( )

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