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eZBorkTranslator Class Reference

Translates text into the Bork language (Mock Swedish) More...

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Public Member Functions

 borkify ($text)
 eZBorkTranslator ()
 findMessage ($context, $source, $comment=null)
 translate ($context, $source, $comment=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZTranslatorHandler
 eZTranslatorHandler ($is_key_based)
 findKey ($key)
 isKeyBased ()
 keyTranslate ($key)

Static Public Member Functions

initialize ()

Private Attributes

 Contains the hash table with cached bork translations. More...

Detailed Description

Translates text into the Bork language (Mock Swedish)

This translation is adapted from the Mock Swedish translation in Qt Quarterly 3/2002: http://doc.trolltech.com/qq/qq03-swedish-chef.html

It translates the following characters/strings: (The "|" sign stands for a word boundary, and "-" stands for mid-word.)

a- -> e an -> un au -> oo en| -> ee -ew -> oo -f -> ff -i -> ee -ir -> ur |o -> oo ow -> oo ph -> f th| -> t -tion -> shun -u -> oo |U- -> Oo y| -> ai v -> f w -> v

Words that are not changed by these rules will have "-a" appended to them.

Member Function Documentation

eZBorkTranslator::borkify (   $text)

Translates the text into bork code.

Referenced by findMessage().

eZBorkTranslator::eZBorkTranslator ( )

Construct the translator.

Referenced by initialize().

eZBorkTranslator::findMessage (   $context,
  $comment = null 

Implements eZTranslatorHandler.

Referenced by translate().

& eZBorkTranslator::initialize ( )

Initialize the bork translator if this is not allready done.

eZBorkTranslator::translate (   $context,
  $comment = null 

Implements eZTranslatorHandler.

Member Data Documentation


Contains the hash table with cached bork translations.

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