eZPublish  3.8
eZAuthor Class Reference

eZAuthor handles author lists More...

Public Member Functions

 addAuthor ($id, $name, $email)
attribute ($name)
 attributes ()
 decodeXML ($xmlString)
 eZAuthor ()
 hasAttribute ($name)
 metaData ()
 name ()
 removeAuthors ($array_remove)
 setName ($name)
xmlString ()

Public Attributes

 Contains the author counter value. More...
 Contains the Authors. More...

Detailed Description

eZAuthor handles author lists

include_once( "kernel/classes/datatypes/ezauthor/ezauthor.php" );
$author = new eZAuthor( "Colour" );
$author->addValue( "Red" );
$author->addValue( "Green" );
// Serialize the class to an XML document
$xmlString =& $author->xmlString();

Member Function Documentation

eZAuthor::addAuthor (   $id,

Adds an author

Referenced by decodeXML().

& eZAuthor::attribute (   $name)
eZAuthor::attributes ( )

Referenced by hasAttribute().

eZAuthor::decodeXML (   $xmlString)

Will decode an xml string and initialize the eZ author object

eZAuthor::eZAuthor ( )
eZAuthor::hasAttribute (   $name)
eZAuthor::metaData ( )
a string which contains all the interesting meta data.

The result of this method can passed to the search engine or other parts which work on meta data.

The string will contain all the authors with their name and email.


'John Doe john@doe.com'
eZAuthor::name ( )

Returns the name of the author set.

eZAuthor::removeAuthors (   $array_remove)
eZAuthor::setName (   $name)

Sets the name of the author

& eZAuthor::xmlString ( )

Will return the XML string for this author set.

Member Data Documentation


Contains the author counter value.


Contains the Authors.

Referenced by attribute(), eZAuthor(), and removeAuthors().

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