eZPublishCommunityProject  2013.9
eZ\Publish\Core\Persistence Namespace Reference

File containing a abstract Persistence Factory. More...


 File containing the ContentHandler implementation.
 File containing the Backend for in-memory storage engine.
 File containing a wrapper for the DB handler.
 File containing the Solr abstract class.
 File containing the TransformationProcessor class.


class  Factory
 A reusable factory for all the "storage engine" handlers. More...
class  FieldType
class  FieldTypeRegistry
 Registry for field types available to storage engines. More...
class  TransformationProcessor
 Interface for processing a set of transformations on a string. More...
class  Utf8Converter
 Class for converting UTF-8 characters to their decimal code points and vice versa. More...

Detailed Description

File containing a abstract Persistence Factory.

File containing the Utf8Converter class.

File containing the TransformationProcessor abstract class.

File containing the FieldTypeRegistry class.

File containing the eZ class.