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ezpSessionHandlerSymfony Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 cleanup ()
 deleteByUserIDs (array $userIDArray)
 destroy ($sessionId)
 gc ($maxLifeTime)
 read ($sessionId)
 regenerate ($updateBackendData=true)
 sessionStart ()
 Let Symfony starts the session. More...
 setSaveHandler ()
 reimp. More...
 setStorage ($storage)
 Set the storage handler defined in Symfony. More...
 write ($sessionId, $sessionData)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezpSessionHandler
 __construct ($userHasCookie=false)
 __construct More...
 cleanup ()
 Remove all session data Callback: "cleanup_[pre|post]" eZDB $db. More...
 close ()
 Session close handler. More...
 deleteByUserIDs (array $userIDArray)
 Remove all session data for a specific user. More...
 destroy ($sessionId)
 Session destroy handler Callback: "destroy_[pre|post]" eZDB $db string $sessionId string $escKey. More...
 gc ($maxLifeTime)
 Session gc (garbageCollector) handler Callback: "gc_[pre|post]" eZDB $db int $maxLifeTime. More...
 isConnected ()
 Checks if session handler is connected with backend. More...
 open ($savePath, $sessionName)
 Session open handler. More...
 read ($sessionId)
 Session read handler. More...
 regenerate ($updateBackendData=true)
 Regenerate session id Callback (when $updateBackendData is true): "regenerate_[pre|post]" eZDB $db string $escNewKey string $escOldKey int $escUserID. More...
 sessionStart ()
 Starts the session. More...
 setSaveHandler ()
 Set it self as save handler. More...
 write ($sessionId, $sessionData)
 Session write handler. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static count ()
static dbRequired ()
static hasBackendAccess ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ezpSessionHandler
static count ()
 Counts the number of session and returns it. More...
static dbRequired ()
 Signals that handler requires db instance. More...
static hasBackendAccess ()
 Signals that handler has direct access to backend, thus is cable of supporting features like gc, cleanup, delete & count. More...

Protected Attributes

 $storage = null

Member Function Documentation

ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::cleanup ( )
static ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::count ( )
static ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::dbRequired ( )
ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::deleteByUserIDs ( array  $userIDArray)
ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::destroy (   $sessionId)
ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::gc (   $maxLifeTime)
static ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::hasBackendAccess ( )
ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::read (   $sessionId)
ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::regenerate (   $updateBackendData = true)
ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::sessionStart ( )

Let Symfony starts the session.

ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::setSaveHandler ( )


Does not do anything to let Symfony manage the session handling

ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::setStorage (   $storage)

Set the storage handler defined in Symfony.

ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::write (   $sessionId,

Member Data Documentation

ezpSessionHandlerSymfony::$storage = null

Referenced by setStorage().

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