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ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway Class Reference

DFS/MySQLi cluster gateway. More...

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Public Member Functions

 close ()
 connect ()
 fetchFileMetadata ($filepath)
 passthrough ($filepath, $filesize, $offset=false, $length=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezpClusterGateway
 __construct (array $params=array())
 Instantiate a gateway with the database parameters. More...
 close ()
 Closes any connection that should be closed. More...
 connect ()
 Creates the necessary database connection. More...
 fetchFileMetadata ($filepath)
 Fetches file metadata for $filepath. More...
 passthrough ($filepath, $filesize, $offset=false, $length=false)
 Passes the $filepath data through. More...
 retrieve ($filename)
 : evaluate whether it is the right place for those methods or if it should belong to other dedicated classes. More...

Protected Member Functions

 dbTable ($filePath)
 Returns the database table name to use for the specified file. More...

Protected Attributes

 $port = 3306
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Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ezpClusterGateway
static getGateway ()
 Returns an instance of the gateway class depending on setGatewayClass(). More...
static setGatewayClass ($gatewayClass)
 Sets the gateway class to $gatewayClass. More...

Detailed Description

DFS/MySQLi cluster gateway.

Member Function Documentation

ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::close ( )
ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::connect ( )
ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::dbTable (   $filePath)

Returns the database table name to use for the specified file.

For files detected as cache files the cache table is returned, if not the generic table is returned.

string The database table name

Referenced by fetchFileMetadata().

ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::fetchFileMetadata (   $filepath)
ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::passthrough (   $filepath,
  $offset = false,
  $length = false 

Member Data Documentation

ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::$port = 3306

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