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eZTemplateVariableElement Class Reference

Represents a variable element in the template tree. More...

Public Member Functions

 eZTemplateVariableElement ($data)
 name ()
 process ($tpl, &$text, $nspace, $current_nspace)
 serializeData ()
 variable ()

Public Attributes

 The variable array. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a variable element in the template tree.

The element contains the variable and all it's operators.

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateVariableElement::eZTemplateVariableElement (   $data)

Initializes the object with the value array and operators.

eZTemplateVariableElement::name ( )

Returns variable.

eZTemplateVariableElement::process (   $tpl,

Process the variable with it's operators and appends the result to $text.

eZTemplateVariableElement::serializeData ( )
eZTemplateVariableElement::variable ( )

Returns the variable array.

Member Data Documentation


The variable array.

Referenced by variable().

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