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eZTemplateSequenceFunction Class Reference

Wrapped array looping in templates using function "sequence". More...

Public Member Functions

 eZTemplateSequenceFunction ()
 functionList ()
 functionTemplateHints ()
 hasChildren ()
 process ($tpl, &$textElements, $functionName, $functionChildren, $functionParameters, $functionPlacement, $rootNamespace, $currentNamespace)
 templateNodeSequenceCreate (&$node, $tpl, $parameters, $nameValue, $loopValue)
 templateNodeSequenceIterate (&$node, $tpl, $parameters, $nameValue)
 templateNodeTransformation ($functionName, &$node, $tpl, $parameters, $privateData)

Public Attributes

 Name of sequence function. More...

Detailed Description

Wrapped array looping in templates using function "sequence".

This class allows for creating arrays which are looped independently of a section. This is useful if you want to create multiple sequences.

// Example of template code
{* Init the sequence *}
{sequence name=seq loop=array(2,5,7)}
{* Use it *}
{* Iterate it *}
{sequence name=seq}

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateSequenceFunction::eZTemplateSequenceFunction ( )

Initializes the function with the function name $inc_name.

eZTemplateSequenceFunction::functionList ( )

Returns an array of the function names, required for eZTemplate::registerFunctions.

eZTemplateSequenceFunction::functionTemplateHints ( )

Returns the array with hits for the template compiler.

eZTemplateSequenceFunction::hasChildren ( )

Returns false, telling the template parser that this is a single tag.

eZTemplateSequenceFunction::process (   $tpl,

Either initializes the sequence or iterates it.

eZTemplateSequenceFunction::templateNodeSequenceCreate ( $node,
eZTemplateSequenceFunction::templateNodeSequenceIterate ( $node,
eZTemplateSequenceFunction::templateNodeTransformation (   $functionName,

Member Data Documentation


Name of sequence function.

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