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eZ\Publish\SPI\Variation\VariationHandler Interface Reference

Interface for Variation services. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getVariation (Field $field, VersionInfo $versionInfo, $variationName, array $parameters=array())
 Returns a Variation object for $field's $variationName. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for Variation services.

A variation service allows to generate variation from a given content field/version info (i.e. image aliases, variations of a document - doc, pdf...)

Member Function Documentation

eZ\Publish\SPI\Variation\VariationHandler::getVariation ( Field  $field,
VersionInfo  $versionInfo,
array  $parameters = array() 

Returns a Variation object for $field's $variationName.

This method is responsible to create the variation if needed. Variations might be applicable for images (aliases), documents...

array$parametersHash of arbitrary parameters useful to generate the variation

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