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eZ\Publish\Core\Base\Exceptions\BadConfiguration Class Reference

BadConfiguration Exception implementation. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($setting, $consequence=null, Exception $previous=null)
 Generates: '$setting' setting is invalid[, $consequence]. More...

Detailed Description

BadConfiguration Exception implementation.

Use: throw new BadConfiguration( "base\\[configuration]\\parsers", "could not parse configuration files" );

Add a exception type in API that uses Logic exception and change this to extend it

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

eZ\Publish\Core\Base\Exceptions\BadConfiguration::__construct (   $setting,
  $consequence = null,
Exception  $previous = null 

Generates: '$setting' setting is invalid[, $consequence].

string | null$consequenceOptional string to explain consequence of configuration mistake
\Exception | null$previous

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