eZPublishCommunityProject(LegacyStack)  2013.6
ezimportdbafile.php File Reference


 Autoloader definition for eZ Publish Kernel files.


if($dataTypeName===null) $allowedDatatypes = eZDataType::allowedTypes()
 $cli = eZCLI::instance()
 $dataTypeName = $options['datatype']
if($dataTypeName!==null and

Variable Documentation

if ($dataTypeName===null) $allowedDatatypes = eZDataType::allowedTypes()
$cli = eZCLI::instance()
$dataTypeName = $options['datatype']
Initial value:
= $script->getOptions( "[datatype:]", "",
array( 'datatype' => "The name of the datatype where the database should be updated." ) )
Definition: adddefaultstates.php:22
Initial value:
= eZScript::instance( array( 'description' => ( "eZ Publish datatype sql update\n\n" .
"Script can be run as:\n" .
"bin/php/ezimportdbafile.php --datatype=\n\n" .
"Example: bin/php/ezimportdbafile.php --datatype=ezisbn" ),
'use-session' => false,
'use-modules' => true,
'use-extensions' => true ) )
static instance($settings=array())
Returns a shared instance of the eZScript class.
Definition: ezscript.php:1084
if ($dataTypeName!==null and in_array($dataTypeName, $allowedDatatypes)) else
Initial value:
$cli->error( "Error: The datatype " . $dataTypeName . " is not registered." )
Definition: ezimportdbafile.php:28
Definition: adddefaultstates.php:14